Action on Flight Noise


Thank you, Deputy Speaker.

Too often I hear clubs and non-for-profits in Bonner are eager to get off the ground, but find it difficult to find a space to meet with members and supporters – As many Brisbane City Council libraries are at Capacity.

Fortunately, I come bearing good news…

If you are part of a community group in Bonner, my board room is free for you to use as you wish – such as for meetings or events.

That’s right, the Alan Burge Community Room is officially open!

Over the past few years, Mr Alan Burge has been expertly tuning and restoring a Beale, 1907, all Australian made piano in my office.

Alan’s perseverance and joy throughout the project has been such a testament to the goodwill and talent of so many Australians – that I have decided to name this great space after him.

It has been a pleasure to be able to host Alan, as he has restored this piano to it’s former glory.

I look forward to welcoming more of the community into the Bonner office and seeing the potential of this space fully unlocked and appreciated – just like my piano.

We have already had some booking requests come through, so I encourage interested groups to secure their spot!

If you are interested in using the Alan Burge Community Room, please send me an email at

I know it will be a versatile resource for many.

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Action on Flight Noise


Thank you, Deputy Speaker.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Daryl Wilson of Upper Mount Gravatt.

Daryl has been our Bonner Community’s representative, as part of The Brisbane Airport Community Aviation Consultation Group since 2019.

Uniting governments, industry professionals and locals, this group serves as a forum for those impacted by developments and operations at the Brisbane Airport – particularly relating to noise pollution.

It has been a pleasure to work with such an experienced and passionate advocate.

Daryl has represented our community’s interests well, and I applaud him for his service. Flight noise can be a frustrating issue for many in our community.

As someone who lives under a flight path, it is with the upmost sincerity that I say — that I am working hard to effectively advocate for common sense solutions to this issue.

Together, Daryl and I have fought and advocated for common sense solutions, in the best interests of Bonner local’s health and standard of living.

With Daryl’s assistance I have written to the Minister, submitted multiple petitions and hosted forums to ensure everyone can have their voices heard.

While our petition on the proposed flight paths for the Southern Suburbs of Bonner is still being considered by Air Services Australia and the Minister, I have been encouraged by the success of the phase 1 petition.

Thank you to the 1800 locals who signed the, I am proud to say our voices were heard! Air Services Australia have decided to stop the proposed flight changes over the Bayside.

I thank Daryl for his service and wish him every success in the future.

Thank you, Daryl!

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Meadowland’s Men’s Shed Safety Upgrade Secured!

Ross Vasta MP, Federal Member for Bonner has secured important funding for the Meadowlands Men’s Shed safety improvements.

Mr Vasta said he is proud to have been able to support such a worthwhile organisation, through the Volunteer Grants Program.

“I am proud to announce funding has been secured for the club to purchase a defibrillator, survival first aid kit and training for two first aid officers, to ensure their continued operation is safe for all involved.”

He said “the Meadowlands Men’s Shed provides a great space for gentlemen to foster meaningful relationships, particularly in their retired years.

“The contribution they make, not only in the lives of their own members but to the wider community, is of incredible value and importance.”

Bluey Lee, Secretary of the Meadowlands Men’s Shed, said “the aim of the men’s shed is chiefly to provide health and meaning through relationships and contributing to a greater purpose.

“Many of the chaps are professional men that are retired and seek to invest their vast life-experience in others rather than sit at home.”

He said the funding will help support the local community, as the Shed regularly undertakes restoration jobs for churches, schools, and individuals in the community.

“Most recently, we repaired a pulpit for a local church, refurbished a trailer, as well as flower-stands and tables.”

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Congratulations to Bonner Volunteer Awardees!


It takes special kind of person to sacrifice their own time, and energy to help another.

While they may not necessarily have the resources or effort to give, it is those who are of exceptional character who persevere and get the job done – even when there is no reward or often times recognition.

It’s this unique sense humility, duty, and compassion for others, that is rare and so worthy of celebration.


This is why I host the annual Bonner Volunteer Awards – to recognise some of the very best in our community.

We had over 60 nominations this year, our highest to date, and it was my difficult task to narrow down these to just 5 awardees!

Congratulations to all those who were nominated.

The quality of each of your stories is a testament to the community mindedness and dedication of so many….

Bonner locals are the Best!


In the Young Volunteer Category, Xavier Curry, of Mansfield State High School, took the win! Xavier sacrifices much of his time to working with organisations such as the Emmanual City Mission and Brisbane City Council’s Homeless Connect.

Thank you for your service, Xavier!


The Senior Volunteer of the Year Award was presented to Gavin Gray, for his work with OzFish.

Gavin has helped construct and deploy 10,000 Robust Oyster Banks which now filter 1.2 million litres of water every hour… creating homes for 21 million new marine animals and addressing the need for more habitats and biodiversity in our bay.


The Adult Volunteer of the Year Award was given to Merryl Bennett, the registrar at the Wynnum Manly Junior Rugby League Club.

She is committed to ensuring all players are properly documented, so they can participate safely.

Last year the Club even offered Meryl a paid position, but she declined saying “use the money for the kids.”


Sailability Bayside took the win for Volunteer Group of the Year, for their work providing wheelchair bound people with the opportunity to set sail in two person dinghies!

Thanks to the dedication of the Sailaibility volunteers, many more people have been able to enjoy our beautiful bayside.


Finally, I presented the George Kambouris Memorial Award.

This special award recognises volunteers who have shown outstanding resilience, excellence, and compassion in providing support for others in Bonner.

George Kambouris was a Carindale local who, despite being born with spina bifida, dedicated his life to mentoring young, individuals and enabling them to participate in sports.

George made an immeasurable contribution to our local community and has left a long-lasting legacy.

I was proud to present the George Kambouris Memorial Award to Tom Price, Wilson Griffin, and Jacob Marchant on behalf of You Are Not Alone.

Congratulations to all those who were nominated and recognised!

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Launching the ‘My First Speech’ competition in Bonner!

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Milton Dick MP and Ross Vasta MP are today launching the “My First Speech” Competition for local Bonner Electorate schools.

This national competition challenges students in years 10, 11 and 12 to envision themselves as newly elected Members of the House of Representatives and record a 90-second speech on video, focusing on a topic of their choosing.

Mr Vasta said “This is an exciting opportunity for our local Bonner students to shine a national spotlight on the issues that matter most to them.

“The students participating in this competition will be our local leaders of tomorrow, and I am excited to give them a head start on their futures with this program”.

The winning entrant from each year group, accompanied by a parent or guardian, will be flown to Canberra to deliver their speeches live at Parliament House and participate in an engaging program tailored to deepen their understanding of the legislative process.

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Milton Dick MP said “One of my key priorities as Speaker has been to promote parliamentary education to students across the country, and this is yet another exciting way that young people can take an active role in our democratic system.

“This competition will provide high school students with the chance learn more about the way our nation’s democracy works, and how actively engaging with the parliamentary process can draw attention to the issues that are most important to them.”

The submission deadline for the competition is set for 11.59pm AEST on 27 July 2024.

To learn more about the competition and submit their entries, students can visit the dedicated competition website:

For further information and inquiries regarding the “My First Speech” competition, please contact my office at



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