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Enter to win a BBQ meat tray for Australia day 2024!


Chuck a shrimp on the barbie and get ready to celebrate Australia Day in Bonner!

Ross Vasta MP, Federal Member for Bonner, is giving Bonner locals a chance to win a BBQ meat tray from a local butcher, this Australia Day.

From Tim Tams and meat pies, to good mates and cricket, what better way to celebrate what makes Australia great than over an Aussie summer’s BBQ?

“I am partnering with three local butchers to give Bonner residents the chance to win everything they need for a spread to impress,” Mr Vasta said.

“When it comes to high quality meat and seafood we are spoilt for choice in Bonner.

“And there isn’t much better than sharing a good BBQ feed with friends and family on Australia Day.”

Listening to small businesses, Mr Vasta knows they are currently doing it tough.

“Small and family businesses are the backbone of our economy,” Mr Vasta said.

“It’s always important to buy local first, but even more so during the cost-of-doing-business crisis and to help with the recent storm recovery.”

“My Australia Day BBQ Meat Tray competition is a way to support both Bonner locals and Bonner businesses doing it tough.”

Mr Vasta will continue fighting for small businesses and encourage residents to shop local and buy local.

To enter the Bonner Australia Day Meat Tray Competition, visit and tell Ross ‘Your favourite thing to do on Australia Day.’

Entries will close 5pm Tuesday 23 January 2024, with the winners to receive their BBQ meat tray in time for Australia Day.


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2023-2024 Volunteer Grants Applications now closed

Expressions of interests (EOI) applications for the 2023 – 2024 Volunteer Grants have now closed.

All groups who applied have been notified of the outcome of their EOI and if they have progressed to the final round with the Department of Social Services.

I am waiting to hear if Volunteer Grants will be open for 2024-2025, and will update my website and social media once this becomes clear.

In the meantime, if you are looking for federal funding opportunities for your club, please click here: GrantConnect Help and Information (

Please also email at if I can be of assistance.



Picture: One of the many Volunteer Grant Recipient for 2023: Priceless House



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New fodder farm in Bonner

A eucalyptus fodder farm to help the conservation efforts of the Queensland Koala Society will be established at Iona College in Bonner, thanks to the Australian Government’s Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Tree Planting Grant.

Federal Member for Bonner, Ross Vasta MP said the partnership between Iona College and the Queensland Koala Society is a fantastic way to help with local koala conservation and to honour Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

“The partnership between the Queensland Koala Society and Iona College to establish a local fodder farm will help create a sustainable future for koalas,” Mr Vasta said.

“The Queen is passionate about the protection of native flora and fauna, so to be creating a fodder farm with over 500 trees for koalas is an exceptionally fitting way to honour her 70 years of service.

“I am proud to have advocated for this grant on behalf of Iona College and hope other schools across Australia follow their example where they are able to do so.”

Co-founder of the Queensland Koala Society, Ms Angela Christodoulou, said the fodder farm at Iona college will help reduce time volunteers spend collecting much needed eucalyptus leaves.

“Fodder farms play an essential role in the koala’s rehabilitation process,” Ms Christodoulou said.

“On a typical week, my team travel up to two hours per day, seven days per week to collect fresh fodder.

“The collaboration with Iona is exciting and not only provides us with a valuable resource but also provides the potential for the establishment of a habitat for koalas and other local wildlife.”

Principal of Iona College, Mr Trevor Goodwin, and Rector, Father Michael Twigg OMI, as well as the College Board have fully supported this use of College grounds in order to develop deeper ties with the local community and to promote sustainability.

“We have been blessed with a large and expansive campus that compels us to share with others,” Father Michael said.

Planting Trees for the Queen’s Jubilee has the intention of:

  • increased community awareness and celebration of Her Majesty’s Jubilee
  • to create a legacy of tree plantings across the nation
  • increase and/or enhance the area of tree canopy

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Win a $100 Bunnings gift card this Father’s Day

Let’s face it, if you can’t find your dad, there is good chance he is wondering the aisle at Bunnings, making a wish list of the latest tools or planning the next greatest DYI project for the backyard.

Federal Member for Bonner, Ross Vasta MP is running a Father’s Day Draw to say thank you to all the amazing dads in the electorate of Bonner.

“Bunnings is an unofficial Australia icon; a place loved by dad’s the nation over,” Mr Vasta said.

“If you would like a chance to win a $100 Bunnings gift card for your dad this Father’s Day, make sure you enter my Father’s Day Draw.

“For your chance to win, fill out the form on my website and tell me why your dad is the best dad in the world.

“Out of all the jobs I’ve had, being a father is my favourite. I am lucky to have two beautiful boys that bring me so much joy.”

This competition is only open to residents of Bonner and closes at 5pm on Thursday 1 September 2022.

The entry form can be found at Mr Vasta’s website:

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Federal funding delivered to train Lovewell Foundation Volunteers

Federal funding delivered to train Lovewell Foundation Volunteers

The Lovewell Foundation has been awarded a Federal Government Volunteers Grant by Federal Member for Bonner Ross Vasta MP, which will allow the foundation to help upskill and train volunteers.

Mr Vasta visited the Lovewell Cafe, at the top of Mt Gravatt Lookout, to talk with volunteers and see how the funding will be used.

“I am proud to work with the Lovewell Foundation and provide funding to help support women from vulnerable backgrounds so they can train and gain new skills,” Mr Vasta said.

“The Lovewell Cafe is an empowering social enterprise that supports women from vulnerable backgrounds to help rebuild their lives in a safe and welcoming environment.

“The training these women receive from Lovewell helps increase their self-esteem, as they have an avenue to gain independence and financial stability through training and employment.”

Executive Director of Lovewell Foundation Annie Stonehouse said the support Mr Vasta had given to the organisation was invaluable and had helped over 80 women from vulnerable backgrounds.

“Everyone at the Lovewell Foundation is grateful for Ross’ support and the funding delivered by Ross has gone directly to recruiting and training our volunteers,” Ms Stonehouse said.

“A woman escaping a vulnerable situation like domestic violence, often lacks the support, skills, confidence and self-esteem to work towards rebuilding their life, as they have been in a survival frame of mind for many years.

“That is why training our volunteers and mentors is so important, it helps empower our women to find the self-belief they need to rebuild their lives and gain independence and move toward training or employment.

“With support from staff, volunteers and mentors, our women find themselves and their new purpose, and this leads to a decrease in mental health issues and increases their quality of life and gives them self-confidence.”

Mr Vasta has been working closely with the Hope Lovewell Foundation for many years. Mr Vasta delivered funding for infrastructure upgrades at the Lovewell Cafe and will continue to support the foundation to achieve their goals.

If you would like to volunteer or mentor with Lovewell Foundation, please email

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Sporting Schools expansion helps chart a path to future success in Bonner

Thousands of school students across Bonner will benefit from the expansion of the Morrison Government’s popular Sporting Schools program.

Federal Member for Bonner Ross Vasta MP said extending and expanding the program reinforced the Morrison Government’s commitment to ensure children and teenagers across Bonner continued to pursue healthy and active lifestyles.

The Morrison Government is investing $79.6 million to extend the Sporting Schools program for an additional two calendar years to the end of 2024, with a further $20.2 million to be provided to expand the program to students in Years 9 and 10.

“The Sporting Schools program isn’t just an investment to keep kids across Bonner active,” Mr Vasta said.

“It is also a program which creates a tangible pathway for those students who want to make their sporting dreams a reality.

“Extending Sporting Schools across Bonner is also particularly important to support children and their families to reconnect with sport in a safe and healthy way as schools and community sport bounce back from the impacts of the pandemic.”

Established by the Coalition Government in 2015, Sporting Schools partners with 35 National Sporting Organisations to provide free sport-based activities to students of all abilities, to help schools increase children’s’ participation in sport and connect them with community sport opportunities.

More than 8000 schools have received funding through the program which has reached more than 2.2 million students annually.

Currently, the program caters for primary schools students and students in secondary schools up to Year 8.

Expanding the program to include Years 9 and 10 will address the significant decline in sport participation, physical activity and social connectivity in secondary students aged 12-16, particularly amongst girls.

Minister for Sport, Richard Colbeck, said expanding Sporting Schools to students in Years 9 and 10 increases the reach of the program to 1800 secondary schools and an additional 700,000 students, expanding the reach of Sporting Schools to 2.9 million students every year.

“It marks a huge step forward as we continue to support the individual health and wellbeing of students at all levels,” Minister Colbeck said.

“Importantly, the expansion will help focus on talent identification among a cohort of children who could be our athletes of the 2032 Olympics and Paralympics.

“After the successful performances of our athletes in Tokyo, there has never been a better time for our young sports stars to chart a path to their own success.”

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More support for new and aspiring parents in Bonner

A re-elected Morrison Government will invest $53 million to make it easier for more Australians in Bonner to become parents and to support the mental health of new parents.

Federal Member for Bonner, Ross Vasta MP said this commitment from the Liberals would provide additional support and services for aspiring and new parents.

From 1 November 2022, the Morrison Government will subsidise the costs of storage of eggs, sperm or embryos for Australians who have cancer or are at risk of passing on genetic diseases.

This will include:

  • $9.9 million to support Australians with cancer to preserve their future fertility by paying the costs of storage. This will assist an average of 4,200 Australians per year, saving them approximately $600 per year
  • $4.5 million to support Australians who have been identified as being at high risk of passing on genetic diseases or conditions to their children. This will assist an average of 2,000 Australians per year, saving them approximately $600 per year.

“One in six Australian couples face difficulty trying to start a family and it can be even more difficult for those suffering from cancer or at high risk of passing on genetic diseases or conditions to their children,” Mr Vasta said.

“The subsidy will provide that much needed support and provide more options for those thinking about starting a family or expanding their family, including in Bonner.”

New Mums and Dads will also have easier access to important information and government services as we streamline the process for enrolling new babies with Medicare and Centrelink.

As part of this package, a re-elected Morrison Government will also provide $25 million to fund 20 new Gidget Foundation Australia perinatal mental health and wellbeing services across the country, to make sure new parents have access to the mental health support they need.

“Gidget has a long track record of supporting thousands of women and families each year and these additional locations will mean trusted support is available to more Australians, right across the country,” Mr Vasta said.

“The Morrison Government has guaranteed Medicare and is providing record funding for hospitals, new medicines and treatments.

“By having a strong economy, we to make investments like this and continue to provide the services Australians rely on.”

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$200,000 to build Bonner’s first Koala Kindy

A re-elected Morrison Government will deliver $200,000 to the Queensland Koala Society at Chandler to develop a pre-release koala enclosure or ‘Koala Kindy.’

LNP Federal Member for Bonner Ross Vasta said the Queensland Koala Society had quickly established itself in the region to help injured wildlife and provide them a safe space to recover.

“Their rehabilitation centre has already created custom enclosures for special-needs koalas, echidnas, bandicoots, gliders and birds,” Mr Vasta said.

“Since starting the centre, Queensland Koala Society founder Angela Christodoulou’s dream had been to develop a koala kindy to help prepare young, rehabilitated koalas to return to the wild and adapt them in a safe environment.

“I am so very excited we will be able to support Angela’s dream and help our furry friends with this project.”

Queensland Koala Society President Angela Christodoulou said the pre-release koala enclosure would not only help with rehabilitation projects but also help with boosting koala population numbers through increased releases after rehabilitation.

“A koala kindy will be amazing. We’ll make this funding work to deliver a facility that will help prepare our rehabilitated koalas to be released back into the wild,” Mrs Christodoulou said.

“This will allow us to help between five and eight koalas at a time.”

Mrs Christodoulou said she was in shock after receiving the news and was grateful that Ross had fought so hard to secure the $200,000 funding for the Koala Kindy.

“In 2019 we started here, and a koala kindy has always been a big part of our plans,” Mrs Christodoulou said.

“Ross is just amazing. He said he was fighting for us and it’s not just words, he delivered, and I am in disbelief over the exciting news.

“It just changes everything here. We have big plans for our site in the future with an education centre and this project and funding is the start of what will all flow on from there.”

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Morrison Government improves mobile connectivity in Bonner

The Morrison Government is improving connectivity for Australians living on the urban fringes of our major cities, today announcing $28.2 million for 66 successful projects to improve mobile coverage, competition, and address blackspots, including three projects in Bonner.

The investments complement the Coalition’s highly successful Mobile Black Spot Program, which is improving mobile coverage and competition across regional and remote Australia by building more than 1200 mobile base stations in regional and remote areas, with over 1000 already built.

The Minister for Communications, the Hon Paul Fletcher MP said the Morrison Government was committed to improving mobile connectivity for people living in outer urban areas as part of its plan for a strong economy and a stronger future for Australia.

“Improving coverage on the urban fringe will help communities access vital information during emergencies, seek help if needed and stay in touch with loved ones,” Minister Fletcher said.

Federal Member for Bonner Ross Vasta MP said he was very pleased to announce the Morrison Government would build new mobile sites to improve mobile coverage for people ion Mackenzie and Belmont.

“After advocating on behalf of residents and businesses in the community, I am so pleased we are able to deliver better mobile coverage across Mackenzie and Belmont,” Mr Vasta said.

“It’s not just about being able to make or receive a call, but in times of an emergency, and those who learn or work from home, they deserve quality coverage to go about their daily lives.”

The new mobile sites in Bonner are:

  • An Optus site in Mackenzie North;
  • A TPG site in Mackenzie North; and
  • An Optus site in Old Cleveland and Gateway.

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