Meadowland’s Men’s Shed Safety Upgrade Secured!

Ross Vasta MP, Federal Member for Bonner has secured important funding for the Meadowlands Men’s Shed safety improvements.

Mr Vasta said he is proud to have been able to support such a worthwhile organisation, through the Volunteer Grants Program.

“I am proud to announce funding has been secured for the club to purchase a defibrillator, survival first aid kit and training for two first aid officers, to ensure their continued operation is safe for all involved.”

He said “the Meadowlands Men’s Shed provides a great space for gentlemen to foster meaningful relationships, particularly in their retired years.

“The contribution they make, not only in the lives of their own members but to the wider community, is of incredible value and importance.”

Bluey Lee, Secretary of the Meadowlands Men’s Shed, said “the aim of the men’s shed is chiefly to provide health and meaning through relationships and contributing to a greater purpose.

“Many of the chaps are professional men that are retired and seek to invest their vast life-experience in others rather than sit at home.”

He said the funding will help support the local community, as the Shed regularly undertakes restoration jobs for churches, schools, and individuals in the community.

“Most recently, we repaired a pulpit for a local church, refurbished a trailer, as well as flower-stands and tables.”