Let’s talk the Newnham and Wecker Road intersection upgrade

As of July 2022, The Newnham Road and Wecker Road intersection upgrade was completed with traffic signals operational.

The shared pedestrian and cycle bridge begun construction in August 2022 and is expected to be completed in early 2023, weather and site conditions permitting.

I am happy to announce that the shared pedestrian and cycle bridge has now been completed.

The project will improve transport safety and efficiency all thanks to $12 million in funding I secured for this project which is being delivered by the Brisbane City Council.

It was recently voted the fifth most dangerous intersection in Queensland by RACQ, meaning this funding is vital ensuring people get home sooner and safer.

Just to put the reliance on this intersection into perspective, the Newnham and Wecker Road intersection accommodates approximately:

  • 35,000 vehicles
  • 474 buses
  • 55 cyclists
  • 186 pedestrians
Every single day.

Upgrading the intersection will involve:

  • Constructing a new right turn lane on Newnham Road (northbound) with a dedicated right turn arrow to fully control the right turn from Newnham Road into Wecker Road
  • Installing an additional right turn lane from Wecker Road into Newnham Road
  • Installing a signalised pedestrian crossing on the left turn slip lane on Newnham Road (southbound)
  • Improving footpaths, shared paths and pedestrian crossing facilities at the traffic lights
  • Coordinating the traffic lights at Newnham Road and Creek Road and Newnham Road and Wecker Road intersections.

As part of the project approximately 12 on-street parking spaces will be removed at the intersection as the peak period clearway will be replaced with full time no parking to comply with safety and design requirements.

Council has also identified approximately 13 trees which need to be removed in the area surrounding the intersection. Council is committed to minimising the impact on the environment and where possible will replant trees in the project extent and local area. This will be in accordance with Brisbane City Council’s policies and relevant legislative requirements. The project team will confirm landscaping details as the project progresses.


Brisbane City Council have provided an update following the works completed during the April school holidays and advised on upcoming work as the project continues into the next stage:

I’m proud to have secured the funding for these critical works. It’s yet another fantastic example of federal and local levels of levels of government working together to get residents home sooner and safer.

Project overview

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