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Thank you, Deputy Speaker.

Too often I hear clubs and non-for-profits in Bonner are eager to get off the ground, but find it difficult to find a space to meet with members and supporters – As many Brisbane City Council libraries are at Capacity.

Fortunately, I come bearing good news…

If you are part of a community group in Bonner, my board room is free for you to use as you wish – such as for meetings or events.

That’s right, the Alan Burge Community Room is officially open!

Over the past few years, Mr Alan Burge has been expertly tuning and restoring a Beale, 1907, all Australian made piano in my office.

Alan’s perseverance and joy throughout the project has been such a testament to the goodwill and talent of so many Australians – that I have decided to name this great space after him.

It has been a pleasure to be able to host Alan, as he has restored this piano to it’s former glory.

I look forward to welcoming more of the community into the Bonner office and seeing the potential of this space fully unlocked and appreciated – just like my piano.

We have already had some booking requests come through, so I encourage interested groups to secure their spot!

If you are interested in using the Alan Burge Community Room, please send me an email at

I know it will be a versatile resource for many.