Stage 1 Lindum Crossing upgrades completed!

I’m happy to share the safety upgrades to Lindum Crossing are getting underway with Stage Two now complete, and planning for Stage Three underway.

The first stage of the project involved significant short-term safety upgrades completed by the end of 2021 and included installation of new and extended median islands, enhanced line marking and road resurfacing through the level crossing.

This will ensure the crossing is safe for our community while more extensive planning can be undertaken for the long-term grade separation of Lindum Crossing.

With Stage One safety upgrades already completed to the Lindum level crossing, the completion of Stage Two upgrades will improve safety for motorists, pedestrians, and commuters.

Since securing the $85 million Federal Funding for this project in 2019, I have been working with the state and local council to move forward with vital safety improvements.

The second stage utilised $10 million of the former Coalition Government’s $85 million commitment and involves realigning and signalising the intersection at the level crossing.

I will continue to work with all levels of government and deliver on my commitment to the people of Bonner to fix Lindum crossing and provide an upgrade that safely caters for commuters, school children, business, bike riders and pedestrians.

More information on Stage One and Two Lindum safety upgrade works is available here.

In addition to the previous Government’s commitment, Brisbane City Council and the Queensland Government have each committed $5 million to stage two of the project.

I recently joined a Zoom meeting with all three levels of government representatives and their departmental spokespeople to discuss the stages of works that will be taking place.

It was great to have everyone on board, with a shared commitment for these upgrades to get underway. Improving the safety and congestion at Lindum Crossing is the number one priority for our community.

Keeping our community safe is my main priority and we have all three levels of Government working behind the scenes on this project.

We recognise the urgency of improving the safety and congestion of commuters and that is why we have pushed for these immediate upgrades.

Watch my update on the safety upgrades to Lindum Crossing, featuring Doboy Ward Councillor Lisa Atwood:

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