Action on Flight Noise


Thank you, Deputy Speaker.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Daryl Wilson of Upper Mount Gravatt.

Daryl has been our Bonner Community’s representative, as part of The Brisbane Airport Community Aviation Consultation Group since 2019.

Uniting governments, industry professionals and locals, this group serves as a forum for those impacted by developments and operations at the Brisbane Airport – particularly relating to noise pollution.

It has been a pleasure to work with such an experienced and passionate advocate.

Daryl has represented our community’s interests well, and I applaud him for his service. Flight noise can be a frustrating issue for many in our community.

As someone who lives under a flight path, it is with the upmost sincerity that I say — that I am working hard to effectively advocate for common sense solutions to this issue.

Together, Daryl and I have fought and advocated for common sense solutions, in the best interests of Bonner local’s health and standard of living.

With Daryl’s assistance I have written to the Minister, submitted multiple petitions and hosted forums to ensure everyone can have their voices heard.

While our petition on the proposed flight paths for the Southern Suburbs of Bonner is still being considered by Air Services Australia and the Minister, I have been encouraged by the success of the phase 1 petition.

Thank you to the 1800 locals who signed the, I am proud to say our voices were heard! Air Services Australia have decided to stop the proposed flight changes over the Bayside.

I thank Daryl for his service and wish him every success in the future.

Thank you, Daryl!