Revolving Door Of Small Businesses Ministers Hurting Local Business Says Ross Vasta

Café owners, fruit and vegetable shops, butchers, tradies and retailers in Bonner should be concerned by the revolving door of federal small business ministers with the appointment of the sixth person to the role in six years, according to Ross Vasta.


Ross Vasta said small businesses in Bonner deserved better than a divided and dysfunctional Gillard Government more interested in itself than the country.


“We’ve seen six small business ministers in six years – and five ministers since late 2011.  Small business deserve better than a revolving door.


“The number of people employed in small business has declined under Labor by 243,000 while the rate of small business formation has halved,” Ross Vasta said.

“It’s tough running a small business – and it’s been made even tougher because of Labor’s carbon tax and red tape.

“Our local small business have had to carry the full weight of the carbon tax without any of the compensation or the carve outs afforded to others.

“At the same time, small business owners are telling me they are being bombarded with more red tape and compliance costs than ever before.

“Labor has introduced more than 20,000 regulations and only repealed 104 despite promising a ‘one in one out’ approach to regulation in 2007.


“Small business needs is strong, stable and reliable Government to give the community confidence in the economy and our Real Solutions Plan seeks to provide that.”


Ross Vasta said the Coalition has real solutions for small businesses which would double the rate of small business formation by cutting the carbon tax to boost consumer and business confidence and by cutting $1 billion worth of red-tape out of the economy.

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