URGENT UPDATE: State Government Bus Review

Last Thursday the State Government handed it’s review of bus services over to the Brisbane City Council.

This is a great win for Bonner residents travelling on public transport and I welcome this announcement.

Find Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor of Brisbane’s media statement below:

“The State Government this afternoon has handed its review of bus services within Brisbane City over to Council.

Firstly, I want to assure residents that the group of proposed changes put forward by the State Government are off the table.

This is good news for Brisbane’s travelling public and I welcome the announcement.

It is my view that the proposed changes represented a revolution rather than an evolution in public transport services.

My view was that Brisbane’s bus services were not broken with annual patronage increasing from 48 million passengers to 80 million since 2004 – so a major overhaul was not required.

This is not the first time Council has reviewed bus services – up to 2004 we did it on a regular basis as required.

I only want to see sensible change and if there are to be any changes we will consult closely with the community.

In conclusion I stress that the group of proposals put forward by the State Government are off the table – Council is now in charge of this review and this is good news for the travelling public.”

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