*Map above from Airservices Australia*

Airservices Australia has proposed flight path changes for Northbound overland departures at night, impacting many communities in Bonner.

This includes areas like Mt Gravatt, Carindale, Belmont, Rochedale, Gumdale, Chandler and Lota.

Sign my petition below to stop the proposed flight path changes – please make sure you refer to the map and tick the option(s) that you are opposed to.

I have been in regular contact with Minister King and Airservices Australia about the proposed flight path changes and the impact they would have on our community.

I will be delivering this petition to the Minister and Airservices Australia, to make sure the voices and concerns of the community are heard.

To read more about the proposed changes, click here.

For outcome on the proposed changes over Wynnum-Manly and the Bayside, please click here.

Stop Flight Path Changes Over Mt Gravatt

Which proposed northbound overland departures at night are opposed to? (please tick all that is relevant to you, please refer to map)