New fodder farm in Bonner

A eucalyptus fodder farm to help the conservation efforts of the Queensland Koala Society will be established at Iona College in Bonner, thanks to the Australian Government’s Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Tree Planting Grant.

Federal Member for Bonner, Ross Vasta MP said the partnership between Iona College and the Queensland Koala Society is a fantastic way to help with local koala conservation and to honour Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

“The partnership between the Queensland Koala Society and Iona College to establish a local fodder farm will help create a sustainable future for koalas,” Mr Vasta said.

“The Queen is passionate about the protection of native flora and fauna, so to be creating a fodder farm with over 500 trees for koalas is an exceptionally fitting way to honour her 70 years of service.

“I am proud to have advocated for this grant on behalf of Iona College and hope other schools across Australia follow their example where they are able to do so.”

Co-founder of the Queensland Koala Society, Ms Angela Christodoulou, said the fodder farm at Iona college will help reduce time volunteers spend collecting much needed eucalyptus leaves.

“Fodder farms play an essential role in the koala’s rehabilitation process,” Ms Christodoulou said.

“On a typical week, my team travel up to two hours per day, seven days per week to collect fresh fodder.

“The collaboration with Iona is exciting and not only provides us with a valuable resource but also provides the potential for the establishment of a habitat for koalas and other local wildlife.”

Principal of Iona College, Mr Trevor Goodwin, and Rector, Father Michael Twigg OMI, as well as the College Board have fully supported this use of College grounds in order to develop deeper ties with the local community and to promote sustainability.

“We have been blessed with a large and expansive campus that compels us to share with others,” Father Michael said.

Planting Trees for the Queen’s Jubilee has the intention of:

  • increased community awareness and celebration of Her Majesty’s Jubilee
  • to create a legacy of tree plantings across the nation
  • increase and/or enhance the area of tree canopy