Bonner businesses are reaping the benefits of affordable high-speed broadband thanks to the Coalition’s National Broadband Network rollout, with local business owners joining a roundtable discussion with Minister for Communications Senator Mitch Fifield and Bonner MP Ross Vasta.

Local business owners had the opportunity to speak one-on-one with the Minister about how affordable high-speed broadband is helping them grow their business, with the NBN rollout continuing at pace across the electorate.

“When the Coalition came into Government in 2013, not a single home or business in the electorate of Bonner was connected to the NBN, despite Labor being in Government for six years,” Minister Fifield said.

“Today, the NBN is available to around 25,000 homes and businesses in Bonner and close to 20,000 premises have an active connection. A further 27,000 premises will be able to order a service in the near future.”

Mr Vasta said it was great to bring local businesses together with the Minister to speak about the positive impact the NBN rollout was having across the electorate.

“So many businesses in Bonner rely on fast, affordable internet for everyday activities. That’s why today’s roundtable is so important,” he said.

“More than half of the electorate is now able to connect to the NBN and the rollout will be complete nationwide in 2020. With so much activity happening across Bonner, we need to make sure that our small business owners are making the most of this great opportunity – that’s why we’ve got Minister Fifield here to answer their questions and provide an update on the progress of the rollout.”

Construction is currently under way to 23,000 homes and businesses in Bonner and planning is already well progressed for the remaining 18,000 premises in the electorate.

Commsync General Manager Chris Boyle thanked Mr Vasta for giving them the opportunity and said as a business owner the roundtable meeting was invaluable.

“The internet and broader communications portfolio is essential in my business, especially when it comes to making sure the right messages get sent through and in a timely manner.

“It was a hugely useful session and I left the meeting far more informed than I would have otherwise been which is going to make for an easy switch onto the network for us at Commsync.”

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