Brisbane South will receive a $6.4 million boost from the Coalition for local drug and alcohol rehabilitation services as part of its $300 million plan to combat the scourge of ice in communities across the country.

The funding is part of the Coalition’s response to the National Ice Taskforce Final Report, which was handed down in December, and is targeted to help reduce demand for ice and addict-based crime by supporting local rehabilitation services to help get addicts off ice and out of the drug market.


While treatment delivery is primarily the responsibility of state governments, the Coalition is working with the states to ensure efforts to combat this scourge are more coordinated and targeted.


Brisbane South Primary Health Network Ltd will be responsible for commissioning services in the Federal electorates of Bonner, Bowman, Forde, Griffith, Moreton, Oxley, Rankin and Wright. Funding will flow from July 1.

Federal Member for Bonner, Ross Vasta said the funding would aid local efforts to help people dealing with the effects of ice addiction.

“Countless families across Brisbane communities are dealing with the fallout of this violent drug, many of whom are concerned about accessing treatment and rehab services,” Mr Vasta said today.


“This money will provide a much needed boost to support people in Bonner that are grappling with ice addiction and substance misuse.”


“While a law enforcement response is vital, the National Ice Taskforce made it clear that if we don’t reduce demand for ice, our communities will remain a lucrative market for the crooks that peddle this misery.”


“The Coalition has said all along that we can’t arrest our way out of this scourge. We have to stop people from using the drug, and we have to help current users quit.”


“This means getting the right mix – making sure the right type of help is available, services are effectively targeted and our frontline workers, including law enforcement, health professionals and educators, have the tools they need to combat this scourge.”

“To break the drug dealer’s business model, we have to smash the demand for their insidious product and this funding will help to do just that.”


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