Bonner Businesses to Benefit from over $2.1B in Red Tape Cuts


The Abbott Coalition Government is cutting red tape to make life easier for small business, strengthen our economy, and create jobs, Federal Member for Bonner, Ross Vasta, said today.

 “We have listened to the concerns in our community about the burden of red tape in Australia,” Mr Vasta said.

 “I personally heard from several business owners and hard working groups and individuals at my recent Small Business Forum about the need to make things simpler.”

 In response to community concerns, the Abbott Government is dedicating two days of Parliament each year to removing red tape. During the Spring Red Tape Repeal Day taking place on Wednesday, 29 October, nearly 1,000 pieces of legislation and regulation totalling over 7,200 pages will be removed.

 “The Government promised to reduce more than $1 billion of red and green tape each year, and we have more than doubled our target, removing over $2.1 billion of compliance costs,” Mr Vasta said.

 “We need to reduce the footprint of government to enable the community to get on with creating jobs and building a stronger society for all,” Mr Vasta said.

 As a result of recent red tape reductions, nearly half a million small businesses are now exempt from pay-as-you-go requirements, and around 1.4 million MyTax users will be able to use pre-populated income tax returns, saving countless hours and costs.

 Access to government services is now much simpler, with seven services including Medicare and Centrelink now accessible through one myGov username and password.

 There is practical red tape relief across the board, from one-stop-shops for environmental approvals for major projects, to hire companies no longer needing to register concrete mixers as “vehicles”.

 “Many of the ideas to cut red tape came directly from members of the community, and I encourage business owners to let me know if you are being weighed down by rules and regulations,” Mr Vasta said.

 For further information, please visit to find summaries of the new initiatives, and to pass on your suggestions for cutting additional red tape.

Top Image:  Federal Member for Bonner, Ross Vasta, with Roger Gray and Scott Gray, owners and operators of the Koala Resort Motel in Wakerley, at the Small Business Forum on 14 October 2014.


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