Ross Vasta welcomes news the Prime Minister has recommended the establishment of a Royal Commission to inquire into alleged financial irregularities associated with the affairs of trade unions.

It will inquire into the activities relating to ‘slush funds’ and other similar funds and entities established by, or related to, the affairs of these organisations.

“This will not be an inquiry into trade unionism or the day to day activities of honest trade union officials,” said Ross Vasta.

“This Royal Commission is about shining a great big spotlight on the dark corners of our community and the increasingly widespread claims of unlawful activity, corruption, kickbacks and collusion within sections of the union movement.”

“We don’t want honest workers to be ripped off by dishonest union bosses,” said Ross Vasta.

“This is a government committed to the rule of law. Honest workers and honest unionists in Bonner should not be ripped off by corrupt union officials. Honest local businesses should be able to get on with their work without fear of intimidation, corruption and standover tactics.”

The terms of reference are not limited to any particular organisations, particular allegations or particular industries. The inquiry will be able to go wherever the evidence leads it. Union officials, employers and any other persons who are involved in such conduct will be subject to equal scrutiny.

Ross Vasta says it’s time for Labor to support the establishment of this Royal Commission.

“Bill Shorten and the Labor Party should not be running a protection racket for dodgy union officials. They may owe their jobs to their union leaders, but they owe their service to the hard working Australian people.”

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