GST on moveable home estates

Ross Vasta welcomes the decision by the Australian Taxation Office to withdraw its draft ruling about the way GST is applied to moveable home sites.


The decision means there will be no change to the longstanding GST treatment of rented mobile homes.


Submissions about the draft ruling convinced the ATO that mobile home estates and caravan parks are similar enough to receive the same GST treatment – both involve letting sites separately to the home and the use of shared facilities.


“This is a sensible decision by the Tax Office to stick with its interpretation of the Howard Government’s GST legislation that puts residents of mobile home estates on the same footing as those in caravan parks,” said Ross Vasta.


Residents of mobile homes and caravan parks, like most Australians on modest incomes, are struggling with cost of living pressures.


Ross Vasta said “I’m pleased the Tax Office has given these residents an early Christmas present by announcing they won’t go ahead with a change in their interpretation of this GST law. The decision removes months of uncertainty that would have been hanging over the heads of my constituents.”


It is now over to Bill Shorten to get Labor out of the way and support the Abbott Government’s repeal of the carbon tax.


“Repealing the carbon tax will save hundreds of dollars on Australians’ electricity bills, so Labor should make a new year’s resolution to respect the outcome of the election and come back to Parliament in 2014 and support the Government’s decision to abolish the tax,” said Ross Vasta

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