Ross Vasta Member for Bonner said he was pleased with the progress the new Government has made in the first 100 days since the election.  Monday 16 December marks 100 days since the 7 September election.

 “We are implementing the plan that we took to the election to build a strong, prosperous economy and a safe, secure Australia. 

 “I want to assure the people of Bonner that we are the Government that will scrap the Carbon Tax, end the waste, get the Budget back under control, stop the boats and build the infrastructure of the 21st century. 

 “One of my first actions as Member for Bonner was to vote to scrap the Carbon Tax.  Scrapping the Carbon Tax will benefit an average family by $550 every year and will remove a $9 billion weight from the economy – creating more jobs and opportunities.  The bill to scrap the Carbon Tax is currently before the Senate.

 “We have also scrapped Labor’s $1.8 billion tax hit on cars as well as made self-education more affordable for people who are seeking to improve their skills and get ahead.

 “These are practical measures to help families and strengthen the economy.  Jobs and families are at the heart of the Coalition Government’s Plan. 

 “Our Plan is about reducing cost-of-living pressures for families, improving job security, encouraging small business and delivering better services – and that is what I am working for every day”.

Ross Vasta said he was pleased to report that Operation Sovereign Borders was working and that illegal boat arrivals had slowed dramatically.

 “Illegal boat arrivals have slowed by about 80 per cent and there has been real progress in securing the borders”.

 Ross Vasta said that after six years of record debt and deficits, the Government is also determined to bring the Budget back under control.

 “Interest on the debt is averaging $10 billion a year.  Governments, like households, must live within their means.  The $10 billion a year we spend on interest is money that could be used to improve services, cut debt, or cut taxes.

 “The Coalition has made a strong start during its first 100 days in government.  My promise is not to let up in 2014 and to keep working for Bonner In 2014, we will build the stronger, more prosperous country that we all want.”

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