Coalition’s Policy to Reduce Regulation will give small business a break says Ross Vasta

Newsagents, dry cleaners, butchers, restaurants, fruit shops and small businesses across Bonner will benefit from the Coalition’s policy to reduce red and green tape says Ross Vasta, Member for Bonner.


“No matter where I go through Bonner small business owners and community groups tell me they are spending more time than ever complying with red tape.           

“Small business owners are expected to be the chief salesperson, the HR manager, the financial controller and the lawyer.  It’s a tough ask at the best of times, and even tougher when you are expected to comply with more and more regulation.

“Small businesses don’t have compliance departments – and nor should they.  We need common sense to prevail again.

 “Under the Rudd-Gillard Government, 21,000 additional regulations have been added despite having promised to cap the growth of regulation.


‘Our policy will cut $1 billion in red and green tape costs every year – that means more jobs, more productive businesses, more efficient government and less costs to consumers and taxpayers.


Ross Vasta said the Coalition’s policy to Boost Productivity and Reduce Regulation will shift the focus from more regulation to less. 


If elected, a Coalition government will undertake a range of measures to deregulate the economy. These include:


  • Repealing Labor’s carbon tax;
  • Setting aside two Parliamentary sitting days for the repeal of legislation each year;
  • Reporting to Parliament annually on red and green tape reduction;
  • Creating a dedicated unit within each department and agency that is charged with driving red tape reduction;
  • Linking the remuneration of senior public servants to quantified and proven reductions in red tape;
  • Establishing a one-stop-shop for environmental approvals;
  • Allowing small businesses to remit compulsory superannuation payments made on behalf of workers directly to the Australian Taxation Office;
  • Transferring administration of paid parental leave from business to the Family Assistance Office; and
  • Amending the Future of Financial Advice legislation to reduce compliance costs for small business financial advisers.


Ross Vasta said he recognised that all modern economies need regulation, but excessive regulation results in more costs than benefits and destroys the incentive to work, or in the case of community groups, it destroys the incentive to volunteer.  The Coalition will restore the balance.


“I want to make it easier for small businesses to employ people and for community groups to do their work without worrying about red tape.


“My message to Bonner small businesses is that the Coalition has a smart plan to cut red tape and costs and that starts with the removal of the carbon tax.

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