Ross Vasta says the time has come for the people to choose

Ross Vasta member for Bonner said Australians want an election so they can choose their government and prime minister.

“As I talk with people throughout Bonner they are telling me that they feel let down and disappointed in a government that is focused on itself rather than the challenges facing the country.  They know that the next election is the most important choice before our country in a generation”, said Ross Vasta.

“Once again the faceless men of the Labor Party, rather than the people, have chosen a Prime Minister – and that disappoints everyone.

“For too long we’ve had chaos, division and dysfunction – and people want an end to the soap opera. 

“They want an election – and they want the opportunity to choose their government. 

Ross Vasta said when he spoke with people at shopping centres, sporting fields and community events it was clear people wanted real change that helped families, helped the economy and stopped the boats.

“I will be campaigning every day explaining our Real Solutions Plan to build a strong prosperous economy and a safe, secure Australia – with more jobs, higher wages and better services for all Australians.

“Our Plan will abolish the carbon tax, keep fortnightly pension and benefit increases, help small business employ people, get the Budget under control and secure the borders.

 “Only the Coalition offers our country a competent, experienced and united government that is focused on delivering real change for our country.

“After six years of division, dysfunction and chaos of Labor: Only an election will deliver a genuinely united government and a better future – for all Australians.”                      

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