Ross Vasta, Federal Member for Bonner believes that the Australian victims of overseas terrorism atrocities should receive victim compensation payments just like domestic victims of crime receive.

“In a few weeks, we will be commemorating the tenth anniversary of the Bali bombing and I believe it is appropriate for the victims of terrorist events overseas to receive support just like the victims of crimes committed in Australia receive”, said Ross Vasta.

“Since 2009, the Coalition has been calling on the federal government to provide support for Australians caught by terrorist events overseas since 10 September 2001. Our proposal is to provide a modest sum of $75,000 to the victims or their next of kin, which is in keeping with the level of assistance provided to domestic victims of violent crime.

“The government recently passed legislation providing payments for any future terrorist events, but not for the events since 10 September 2001. Sadly, this has left the victims of September 11, the Bali bombings, the London and Jakarta bombings and the Mumbai terrorist attacks with no assistance.

“Many of the victims of the terrorist attacks still to this day suffer physically and emotionally from these atrocities. While compensation can never bring a victim back, or heal a physical or emotional injury, it is a way we can support those who have suffered and send a message that the Australian people will always look after their own.

“I believe this matter is above politics and I would welcome and applaud any decision by the government to provide support to the victims of all terrorist attacks. We should always be united in supporting Australians who have been the victims of terror.”

Ross Vasta said the petition calling for compensation for terrorist victims could be downloaded from

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