Ross Vasta: I stood up for Fair Indexation

Ross Vasta, Federal Member for Bonner, said he stood up for Fair Indexation in the Parliament today.


“Today the House of Representatives voted against a Coalition proposal to give our veterans a fair go”, Ross Vasta said.


“The Coalition moved to prevent further debate on the Veterans’ Affairs Legislation Amendment Bill 2012 until the Gillard Labor Government introduces Fair Indexation legislation.  However, Labor, Greens MP Adam Bandt and Independent MPs Tony Windsor, Craig Thomson and Bob Katter voted against the amendment.


“Independent MP Rob Oakeshott failed to show up for the vote.”


“Today was the day for the House of Representatives to draw a line in the sand and tell the Gillard Labor Government it was time to deliver a fair go.  That Labor failed to do that is a shameful decision.”


“The Coalition is committed to delivering fair indexation for military superannuants.  The Coalition believes DFRB and DFRDB military superannuation pensioners aged 55 and over should have their pensions indexed in the same way as aged and service pensioners.”


“At the 2010 election we committed to fair indexation.  Despite losing the election, the Coalition introduced legislation into the Senate to provide fairness, justice and equity.  Sadly, the Greens and the Labor Party opposed the legislation.”


“Local military superannuants are fighting for a fair go.  I took this stand in the House of Representatives today to show that I am serious about delivering the fair go my local constituents deserve.”


“It is no longer acceptable that this Labor Government continues to fiddle about the edges of policy while at the same time wholly dismissing the everyday concerns of veterans, ex-service personnel and their families.”


“Six weeks ago, many local veterans received letters from the government giving them a few extra cents per fortnight in their pensions.  This is deeply unfair.  Had the Coalition’s Fair Indexation legislation passed the Senate last year, these increases would have been nine times higher.”


“Local veterans who are DFRB and DFRDB military superannuants have proudly served their nation.  It’s time the nation recognised the unique nature of military service and delivered fair pension indexation to these men and women, and their families.”


“It is now even clearer that we must change the Government in order to deliver this important reform for our veterans.”

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