Vasta Says ‘NO’ to Labor’s Carbon Tax

Ross Vasta, Federal MP for Bonner, believes that the Carbon tax would be a disaster for the people of Bonner.


“This is not a debate about whether Climate Change exists or does not exists it is a fight to stop the Labor Government bringing in a tax that they do not even believe is the best way to tackle the threats of Climate Change.


“Even Penny Wong as Climate Change Minister said – “A Carbon tax does not guarantee emissions reductions.” Said Mr Vasta.


“This is about holding the Gillard Labor Government accountable for their lies to the people of Bonner,” said Mr Vasta.


On the Friday before polling day, Julia Gillard stated categorically: “I rule out a carbon tax.”



“Julia Gillard’s backflip on her ‘No Carbon Tax’ election promise is not only a massive breach of trust with the Australian people but is also, by Labor’s own admission, bad policy,” said Mr Vasta.



Unlike Labor, the Liberal Party has a clear policy that provides incentives to abate carbon and meet Australia’s emissions reduction targets in the most efficient way possible, by targeting change where change can occur and importantly, not through increases in electricity prices. 



By contrast, Julia Gillard’s Labor-Greens proposal imposes a tax on carbon emissions in the Australian economy, on a punt that this might reduce emissions.



“The only certainty is that a carbon tax will definitely increase the cost of electricity by at least $300 a year, petrol by 6.5 cents a litre, with higher costs flowing through to everything every Australian individual, family and business does.” Said Mr Vasta



“That’s why Julia Gillard felt the need to very clearly and repeatedly rule out a carbon tax before last year’s election, and why her carbon tax now amounts to the most blatant broken promise and breach of trust anyone can recall,” said Mr Vasta



Labor’s plan to every problem seems to be a new tax or committee.   They are dancing to the tune of the Greens towards higher electricity prices.



Julia Gillard ruled out a carbon tax right up to election day.  If she had courage or conviction, she would go to another election and let the people vote on her change of heart. 

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