Member for Bonner Ross Vasta has welcomed the opening of a new memorial at Citipointe Christian College commemorating the Centenary of the First World War Armistice.

“It is an honour to attend their Centenary Memorial Ceremony and Opening today and see the school and the community mark Armistice Day,” Mr Vasta said.

“I was pleased to help secure $18,182 under the Armistice Centenary Grants Program to support this project.”

The project, named “The Centenary Memorial”, is modelled on the Australian national monument in Villers-Bretonneux. The new area will allow Citipointe to host community commemoration events and will also be used for its annual ANZAC assembly.

Principal of Citipointe Christian College Pastor Brian Mulheran thanked Mr Vasta for making the school aware of the Armistice Centenary Grants Program and his help securing the grant.

Mr Vasta encouraged locals to attend a Remembrance Day service this Sunday, November 11 and to observe a minute’s silence at 11am to remember the Australian men and women who have suffered and died in wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations.

For more information on the Armistice Centenary Grants Program visit

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Federal Member for Bonner, Ross Vasta said it had been a productive and successful year for the Bonner electorate, with his constituents benefitting from a number of projects and initiatives he had fought for and delivered in the area.

Mr Vasta said he was pleased that many local projects he had delivered Federal funding for had been completed this year:

• Wynnum Manly Seagulls Clubhouse dressing sheds upgrade ($400,000);

• Manly Bowls Club second green enclosure ($1.15m);

• Mt Gravatt Bowls Club new surface and shade system ($178,000);

• Wynnum Manly Men’s Shed installation and fitting out of new sheds ($100,000);

• Mt Gravatt Men’s Shed solar panels and facility upgrades ($22,612);

• Eastside Community Church fencing, shade sails and path upgrade ($20,000);

• Hope Foundation new equipment and supplies ($70,000).

Mr Vasta said works were now underway, or were soon expected to be underway, for several more important infrastructure projects in Bonner:

• Rickertt Rd-Green Camp Rd intersection upgrade ($10m): construction expected to begin mid to late 2018;

• M1-Gateway Motorway merge upgrade at Eight Mile Plains: construction to begin early 2018 after the Commonwealth Games;

• NBN rollout: over one-third complete in Bonner, with all premises to have access by 2020;

• Moreton Bay Discovery Centre extension to house Moreton Bay Discovery Museum displays ($450,000);

• Australian Academy of Martial Arts Karate-Do Club Dojo training hall ($185,000).

Mr Vasta also secured funding for the following projects under Round 3 of the Stronger Communities Programme:

• Moreton Bay Girl Guides flooring upgrades ($8,901);

• Silky Oaks Children’s Haven multi-purpose community hub area makeover ($9,475);

• C&K Tingalpa & District Kindergarten toilet upgrades ($2,574);

• Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia Belmont gravel car park upgrade ($20,000);

• Manly Community Kindergarten sensory garden ($2,521);

• Wynnum General Gordon Community Pre-School and Kindergarten outdoor play space upgrade ($6,750);

• EDit (Ex-Defence Integration Team)’s work helping local ex-defence personnel back into the workforce ($6,000);

• Mt Gravatt Men’s Shed new awnings over verandah ($6,630).

In 2017 Mr Vasta launched the inaugural Bonner Volunteer Awards as well as the inaugural Bonner Bright Star Awards, both of which attracted many nominations and helped recognise outstanding local volunteers and local students in the electorate.

Mr Vasta held the first Bonner Seniors’ Expo to provide a helpful and entertaining event for older people who live in the electorate. The Expo was a success with hundreds of locals attending on the day.

Mr Vasta’s Coffee with a Cop community safety events also proved popular, with locals benefitting from the opportunity to chat face-to-face with local police and other organisations about keeping their homes and businesses protected from crime.

Mr Vasta said fixing the Lindum intersection would be one of his top priorities in 2018, and encouraged locals to sign his petition online. His petition, to be presented to Federal Parliament in February next year, has attracted over 2,500 signatures in a short amount of time.

He said he would continue to fight for important projects in his electorate and thanked those who had helped him deliver vital funding for the area.

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Federal Minister for Communications, Senator the Hon Mitch Fifield, today provided locals from Mount Gravatt, Carindale, Wynnum and surrounding areas with an update on the NBN rollout across Australia.

Residents had the opportunity to ask nbn-related questions to the Minister, as well as representatives from nbn co and Telstra, at a community information session hosted by Member for Bonner, Ross Vasta.

“The nbn rollout is now one-third complete in Bonner, and I’m pleased to say a third of premises with access have taken up an nbn service,” Mr Vasta said.

Minister Fifield said the nbn was now available to over half of all Australian premises, with 75 per cent expected to have access by June 2018 and all premises to have access by mid-2020.

“The nbn is one of the biggest infrastructure projects ever carried out in Australia. With such a massive undertaking there’ll inevitably be a small percentage of people with issues. This is not to diminish their experiences and nbn co is working hard to improve the consumer experience as the rollout is completed,” Minister Fifield said.

“When the nbn falls short of people’s expectations, often it’s an issue of retailers not purchasing enough capacity to service their customers. The Government is ensuring accountability and has funded the ACCC’s Broadband Performance Monitoring and Reporting program.”

“Under this program, the ACCC is implementing real-time speed testing at 4000 volunteer sites across the country. This will provide invaluable information on broadband speeds to consumers and motivate retailers to provide the best speeds possible.”

Minister Fifield said the ACCC had published guidelines for retailers on how they should advertise their NBN service speeds. The guidelines advise retailers to clearly advertise the minimum speeds consumers can expect to achieve during peak evening periods, rather than the maximum speeds that may be delivered during off-peak periods.

“The ACCC has made it clear that if retailers fail to meet these guidelines, more formal action will be taken,” Minister Fifield said.

Mr Vasta encouraged people to sign up for broadband performance consumer updates on the ACCC website

He asked those with further issues or questions on the NBN rollout to contact his office or visit the nbn co website.

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Local seniors had the opportunity to learn more about the National Broadband Network (NBN) rollout in and around Carindale and Carina, thanks to an NBN information session today hosted by Federal Member for Bonner, Ross Vasta.

NBN Co representatives, Damon Cavalchini and Johanna de Winter, joined Mr Vasta to help answer questions and provide solutions to attendees’ various connection issues.

“I’m pleased to report that over 20 per cent of the NBN rollout is complete in Bonner, with all premises to have access to NBN services by 2020,” Mr Vasta said.

“Over time the NBN will replace most of the existing networks as the deliverer of a new service network. The network is designed to grow, so at the end of 2020, there will be further plans for path upgrades and speed building to ensure the best service is continually on offer for all users.”

Mr Cavalchini said every household that wanted to keep their landline and internet would be required to switch over to the NBN.

“Every premise in Australia will be connected to the NBN free-of-charge. You will then have 18 months from the installation date to switch over. This will give you plenty of time to shop around and look into the options and packages available to you. You will also be reminded plenty of times during this 18 month period to switch over. NBN sends out all forms of communications to each and every household as a matter of priority as the 18 month deadline draws to a close,” Mr Cavalchini said.

“When contacting a service provider about switching over, ask them: what plan do they suggest, whether there will be any additional installation fees, and if you can keep your current home phone number—in most cases you’ll be able to. Have a good think about what plan will suit you best, you’ll have plenty of time to decide.”

Mr Cavalchini warned that some companies were attempting to take advantage of the rollout.

“If you are contacted by anyone claiming to be from NBN Co and saying you must sign up now to keep your landline or internet, this is false. To switch over, you must go through your service provider, not NBN Co, and you will always have 18 months to do so,” Mr Cavalchini said.

Mr Vasta asked attendees to report any suspicious phone calls or doorknockers to his office.

Mr Cavalchini said people should also consider any medical devices they had currently connected to their home phone lines, and whether they would be compatible with the NBN.

“If you depend on medical alarms, auto diallers, or emergency call buttons, we recommend that you speak to your medical alarm provider before switching over to the NBN, to ensure your medical device will keep working,” Mr Cavalchini said.

“For additional support, you can also register your medical alarm with the NBN online at or by calling 1800 227 300.”

In response to questions about whether extra boxes would be required inside the home to be connected to the NBN, Mr Cavalchini said there are a number of different solutions depending on the location of a person’s property and the service NBN Co is able to provide.

“You may have FTTP (Fibre to the Premise), FTTN (Fibre to the Node), or HFC (Hybrid Fibre Coaxial), which will determine whether you have additional devices to be installed at your premise or not. Discuss with your service provider about what will be required to be installed in your home,” Mr Cavalchini said.

Mr Vasta asked those with further issues or questions to contact his office or visit the NBN Co website at

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I rise today to speak on what’s in store for the Bonner community in the year ahead. All across Bonner I’ve listened to what locals want. I’m committed to delivering to them what matters most.

My flagship commitment is to the Wynnum Manly Seagulls, one of the bayside’s most iconic institutions. The club will have their dressing sheds and gymnasium fixed, giving them and the bayside sporting community the playing facilities they deserve. Other local sporting clubs that will receive vital upgrades to their facilities include:

• Mt Gravatt Youth and Recreation Club;
• Bayside PCYC;
• AAMA Karate-Do Club;
• Manly Bowls Club;
• Mt Gravatt Bowls Club; as well as
• Wynnum Bugs, to help them cover the costs of installing solar.

Mt Gravatt Men’s Shed will also receive funding to install a new solar PV system. I’ve always been proud to support local men’s sheds and their important work for the community. Wynnum and Manly Districts Men’s Shed will also receive assistance to help them install and fit out their new place at Wynnum North.

Wynnum-Manly Meals on Wheels is another organisation that does a great service to the community. They will receive funding to go toward new kitchen facilities at their Kitchen and Community Centre at Wakerley. I want to thank President Ken Edwards for his hard work on this. The new Centre is going to be a huge boost for Wakerley and surrounding areas. I can’t wait to be there on opening day.

Other local community groups that will continue to thrive under this Coalition Government include:

• Eastside Community Church;
• 215 Squadron AAFC;
• St Agnes Catholic Primary School, and
• The Moreton Bay Discovery Centre.

Under the Coalition, Bonner will receive more support through grassroots funding of community organisations than ever before.

I will continue to support my community by supporting this Government’s agenda to grow jobs and deliver real results for our local economy.

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Today I would like to speak about Joshua and Benjamin Wood, two remarkable brothers from Carindale. These young men are an inspiration and an example of what hard work can achieve.

Josh is nine years old and profoundly vision impaired. I first got to know Josh two years ago when he came second for reading in the Queensland Braille Writing Association Braille Literacy Challenge. Josh worked extremely hard for this result. I’m pleased to inform the House that last week at this year’s Challenge he came first in the state in his section for reading, and second in his section for writing. This is another great result he should be proud of.

His older brother Ben has also achieved remarkable things. Ben has learnt Braille to help Joshua and attends Braille camps with him every year in Sydney. He’s also received the highest mark in the state twice for his AMEB speech and drama exams. Ben is a fantastic speaker with a big interest in politics. I look forward to seeing him in this chamber one day!

Josh recently wrote to me about his and Ben’s wish to meet the Prime Minister. Tomorrow I’ll have the pleasure of hosting both of them at Parliament House. I’m excited to introduce these young men to the Prime Minister in person. Thank you to both of you for the fine example you’ve set for the community.

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A re-elected Turnbull Government will help community groups in Bonner to lower their power bills and play their part in reducing Australia’s emissions by providing $100,000 towards the cost of installing solar.

“The Solar Communities program will provide funding for groups across Australia to install rooftop solar PV, solar hot water and battery storage systems for community owned buildings,” Mr Vasta said.

Gateway Church in Carindale will receive $15,000 to assist with the cost of installing solar.

“Gateway Church provides a vital space for residents in Carindale and surrounding areas to practise their faith, while also offering valuable learning programs to young people,” Mr Vasta said.

The Coalition recognises the important role community and household solar plays in Australia’s transition to a low emissions economy with an increase in renewable energy.

“Community organisations such as churches, sporting clubs and scouts will also be able to apply for funding of up to $15,000,” Minister Hunt said.

“Around 350 community groups are expected to benefit from the expanded program, with $5 million available.”

“Unlike Labor, the Coalition is committed to tackling climate change without hiking up power bills for community groups, families and businesses and putting Australian jobs at risk,” Mr Vasta said.

“Bill Shorten’s carbon tax is a tax on electricity and will hurt community groups across Australia.”

By contrast, the Coalition is committed to supporting community groups with our expanded
Solar Communities program.

“Under the Turnbull Government, half a million households and businesses have already made the switch to solar,” Minister Hunt said.

Australia has the highest proportion of households with solar panels in the world – about 15 per cent.

The Australian Government’s Renewable Energy Target provides for an average rebate for a solar system of $3000, or about 30 per cent of the installation cost.

We have also established a $250 million Community Housing Program to help lower costs for low income families and residents through the construction of up to 1,000 new energy efficiency homes.

We have established a $1 billion Clean Energy Innovation Fund to support the latest technology which will transform our renewable energy use over the coming decade.

Only the Coalition is committed to tackling climate change without a job-destroying carbon tax.

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Liberal National Member for Bonner, Ross Vasta today announced a re-elected Turnbull Coalition Government would provide the 215 Squadron Australian Air Force Cadets with $14,000 to help them with the construction of a new trailer.

Speaking at the 215 Squadron AAFC’s weekly evening parade at Citipointe College, Mr Vasta said he was proud to support the project that would benefit a number of local squadrons and units throughout the area.

“The trailer will be made available for use by different squadrons and cadets units throughout the area,” Mr Vasta said.

“I’m thrilled to be able to commit this funding to a worthy local community group such as 215 Squadron for a worthy project that will also benefit the wider community.”

Executive Officer of 215 Squadron AAFC, Tony Shield welcomed the funding.

“Our cadet units will be able to use the enclosed trailer to store and transport field equipment such as tents, radios and first aid into rural and bush settings for field training exercises,” Mr Shield said.

“It will increase our capacity to conduct field training, enabling more participants and elevating our standard of training.”

Mr Vasta commended 215 Squadron for better equipping young people for community life and stimulating an interest in the air force through its training programs.

Only the Turnbull Coalition Team can provide the strong economic leadership needed to deliver for community groups in the Bonner electorate.

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Citipointe Christian College Christmas Bazaar

When: Saturday, 22 November – 10am to 3pm.
Where: College Hall, Citipointe Christian College, 322
Wecker Road, Carindale.
Cost: Free

Citipointe Christian College is inviting locals to come along to their boutique market day and take the opportunity to purchase unique gifts for their loved ones. There will be over 50 boutique stall holders, as well as a jumping castle and small animal farm for the kids. More info at

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