Today I would like to speak about Joshua and Benjamin Wood, two remarkable brothers from Carindale. These young men are an inspiration and an example of what hard work can achieve.

Josh is nine years old and profoundly vision impaired. I first got to know Josh two years ago when he came second for reading in the Queensland Braille Writing Association Braille Literacy Challenge. Josh worked extremely hard for this result. I’m pleased to inform the House that last week at this year’s Challenge he came first in the state in his section for reading, and second in his section for writing. This is another great result he should be proud of.

His older brother Ben has also achieved remarkable things. Ben has learnt Braille to help Joshua and attends Braille camps with him every year in Sydney. He’s also received the highest mark in the state twice for his AMEB speech and drama exams. Ben is a fantastic speaker with a big interest in politics. I look forward to seeing him in this chamber one day!

Josh recently wrote to me about his and Ben’s wish to meet the Prime Minister. Tomorrow I’ll have the pleasure of hosting both of them at Parliament House. I’m excited to introduce these young men to the Prime Minister in person. Thank you to both of you for the fine example you’ve set for the community.

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