90 SECONDS: Queensland 2024 By-Elections

 I’d like to take this moment to acknowledge the tremendous efforts of the volunteers who came out in support of our LNP candidates in Queensland over the weekend.

We all know that behind every member, senator and councillor stands a team of generous and dedicated volunteers.

This weekend they came out in full force, and I’m incredibly proud of our efforts. We saw a significant swing in Inala, and I commend Trang Yen for her dedication and hard work.

I would also like to extend my special congratulations to the re-elected Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Adrian Schrinner, and the newly elected state member for Ipswich West, Darren Zanow.

They are both stand-up, experienced and hardworking community leaders who will no doubt get the job done.

Lastly, it would be remiss of me if I didn’t acknowledge what a pleasure it has been to work with Alex Givney, the Lord Mayor’s representative for Wynnum Manly Ward, on her campaign to be the next councillor for Wynnum Manly Ward.

For the last 72 years, Wynnum Manly Ward has been taken for granted by Labor.

During this election, locals took a stand.

While we don’t know the official result yet, either way, Alex has reminded Labor not to take Bayside voters for granted.

Alex eagerly listened to locals and energetically stood up against Labor and the Greens, with integrity and positivity the whole way.

Well done, Alex, Adrian, Trang, Darren and all the candidates who stood for the LNP. It was a great weekend and a great result.