90 SECONDS: Cost of Living Crisis

The cost of everyday essentials is through the roof. Last year, we saw the price of milk increase by 19.4 per cent.

While a couple of cents on the household essentials may not seem so severe, how much more is a healthy lunch box for our kids costing, and what are Aussies having to sacrifice to fill up their cars?

Labor’s ute tax is costing families and tradies as much as an extra $25,000 on vehicles.

We all watched them fork out $240 million on the Voice, only to be met with a resounding ‘no’ from everyday Australians.

Disappointingly, those are the same taxpayers whose hip pockets are hurting.

Aussies have been left high and dry by a disconnected government who cannot seem to devise a plan to tackle the rising cost of living.

Despite promising Aussies $275 off their electricity, we have sadly seen bills rise by 20 per cent.

I’ve had far too many fearful and frustrated Bonner locals and small business owners reach out to my office about the rising costs of their electricity.

They ask: ‘What about the $275 savings we were promised at the last election?’ One business owner in my electorate even said that they will have no choice but to close up shop if electricity goes up in the next quarter.

I’ve been very, very sorry to see that the strong economy left by the coalition has all but evaporated completely.

So, next time you’re at the shops picking up some milk and sugar or paying for your electricity bill, I urge each of you to stop and ask: ‘Why am I paying so much more? Why is the Labor government breaking promises — (Time expired)