90 SECONDS: Crime in Bonner

Bonner is a great place to live, work and raise a family.

But, unfortunately, our local community has not been left unscathed by the Queensland crime crisis.

This is the result of unsuccessful policy and a broken system created by the state Labor government.

It’s ruining livelihoods, hurting families and tearing communities apart.

Bonner locals reach out daily to tell me about the crime in their homes, neighbourhoods, sporting clubs and small businesses.

Just recently, Marilyn, from St Pete’s Pantry, rang my office to tell me that they had been broken into, not once but twice.

St Pete’s is an extraordinary charity in Wynnum which supports the most vulnerable in our community.

Their mission is to make sure that no-one goes hungry and, during the cost-of-living crisis, their mission is more important than ever.

Whilst, luckily, no-one was hurt, their laptop, which is used by volunteers, and the Bonner Bright Star Award which they won last year for services to our community were stolen.

I have been able to organise a replacement medal for Marilyn and the team at St Pete’s Pantry, but many items are not so easy to replace.

Our community deserves better; Queenslanders deserve better. We need a state government which is going to prioritise our safety and which has a plan to overcome this crime crisis.

We need a change in Queensland, which is why I’m backing David Crisafulli and his team to make our homes and communities so much safer.