Federal Member for Bonner Ross Vasta has secured $213,631 for the Mt Gravatt Community Centre to fund its Social Isolation program Ways of Wellness project.

This funding builds on the $422,000 commitment from Ross Vasta and the Coalition Government to expand and renovate ‘Bernies Centre’.

This project is reliant on Link workers and will enable the community Centre to employ an additional Link Worker and an admin support worker to address loneliness in the Mt Gravatt and surrounding Bonner community.

Mr Vasta said this funding is important for the Mt Gravatt community Centre to enable it to continue the great work it is doing to reduce social isolation, improve community cohesion and prevent locals from experiencing the negative health impacts of loneliness.

“I’m pleased to deliver this funding for an additional Link worker and admin staff member because it means the Mt Gravatt Community Centre will be able to refer more people in the community to improve mental health outcomes, improve community well-being, reduce social exclusion, increasing self-esteem, confidence and provide community members with a sense of control and empowerment.”

“This is great news for people within Bonner, and provides additional support for those who need it most,” Mr Vasta said.

Mt Gravatt Community Centre Chief Executive Officer Deb Crompton described the social prescribing program as a way of linking patients or community members in primary care with sources of group support within the community.

“This funding from Mr Vasta gives locals greater access to this vital program which will connect them with medical professionals with non-medical referral options that can operate alongside existing treatments to address their social isolation issues.”

Mr Vasta said the Coalition’s strong economy means more funding for local community groups like the Mt Gravatt Community Centre.

“Only the Liberals and Nationals have a proven track record when it comes to managing the Budget,” Mr Vasta said.

“By paying down debt and growing the economy, we can afford to deliver funding for priorities in local communities such as Mt Gravatt Community Centre in Mount Gravatt.

“This is all at risk under Labor and Bill Shorten who pose the greatest risk to Australia’s economy in a generation with plans for $387 billion in new taxes on small and family businesses, retirees, housing, income, investments, electricity and cars.”

Mr Vasta said this year’s Federal Budget delivered Australia’s first surplus in more than a decade.

“The surplus guarantees funding for the essential services that you and your family need and rely on,” Mr Vasta said.

“This includes record funding for schools, hospitals, medicines and roads.”