The Coalition Government is backing Men’s and Women’s sheds in Bonner by unlocking new fundraising potential.

Federal Member for Bonner Ross Vasta said Men’s and Women’s Sheds are a great Australian success story that has seen a staple of the Australian backyard evolve into a vital part of the Australian and Bonner community.

“Every day, Men’s and Women’s Sheds in Bonner provide support, and now it’s our turn to provide more support to them.

Our Government will introduce a new law that will make donations to Men’s and Women’s Sheds tax deductable.

What this means is that from 1 July 2020 anyone who donates $2 or more to a Shed can claim an income tax deduction for that donation.

“This is great news for Sheds in Bonner,”Mr Vasta said.

“This will give members of our community an extra incentive to make a donation and provide support to our local Men’s and Women’s Sheds.

“This will help to secure the financial stability of some existing Sheds, allow for the expansion of others or even assist in the creation of more across Bonner.

“Men’s and Women’s Sheds are at the centre of so many communities across Bonner. They provide a place for some to build and create, while for others it’s a reason to get up every day.

“I am proud that we are able to provide this support to Men’s and Women’s Sheds and in turn to our communities. Bringing Australians together is part of our plan for a stronger economy.”