Julie Bishop visit to Moreton Bay College-June 2017

Today I’d like to speak about my recent visit to Moreton Bay College in Manly West. I along with Minister for Foreign Affairs and Deputy Leader, the Hon. Julie Bishop  and met the senior girls of MBC to discuss important issues and events affecting them.

The MBC community has been shaken by the latest terror attack in London, which claimed the life of MBC old girl Sara Zelenak. Minister Bishop advised the girls on how to turn this tragedy into motivation to go forth and be the very best they can be. She spoke about the importance of standing strong together in the face of tough times.

She also gave the girls an insight into her own life, and the trials and tribulations she has faced as a lawyer and politician. The students then had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to present questions to the Minister.

The school motto at Moreton Bay College is ‘breadth of mind, depth of heart’. This motto is no doubt embodied within the MBC community.

The Minister told the girls: life is not without obstacles and battles, but if you believe that you can achieve great things, you can.

I was impressed by the self-awareness and intelligence the girls demonstrated when questioning the Minister, and I have no doubt they have great things ahead of them.

I thank the Minister for joining me in visiting Moreton Bay College, and for sharing her insight with the senior girls.

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