Moreton Bay College Spirit Triumphs in the Face of Adversity

Moreton Bay College has shared an intimate moment with the Minister for Foreign Affairs the Hon. Julie Bishop and Bonner MP Ross Vasta this week following the tragic death of former Moreton Bay Girl Sara Zelenak.

Mr Vasta invited Minister Bishop to personally address the college’s senior students and speak to them about the recent events encouraging the students to find the strength to continue living their lives to the fullest.

Minister Bishop told the students that one of the most difficult parts of her role is answering an embassy call and discovering there has been an accident, natural disaster, or terrorist attack and there are Australians involved.

“My first thought is always about the family and friends. The hardest part is speaking to the family. We provide all the support we can as a government but how can you ever put yourself in the shoes of someone in that circumstance?

Minister Bishop said “breadth of mind, depth of heart is the Moreton Bay College school motto and it is no doubt present here within your community. In this tragedy we need to remember this motto, as Sara herself did. In her final moments we know that she rushed to the aid of others in order to help and that is how we should all be living our lives thinking of how we can help others and make each day better.”

The students were also given the opportunity to have an intimate Q&A session with the Minister; five students took up the opportunity asking a number of questions focusing on the role, responsibilities and difficulties facing women in Parliament.

Minister Bishop said “in my role there are challenges, many very tough but my time as a lawyer has taught me not to pass judgement on others and their circumstances, and to be strong. It also made me more appreciative of the opportunities I have had. Every day when I wake up I think what can I do to make today better, and you should too.”

Mr Vasta said it was a true honor to host Minister Bishop at Moreton Bay College.
“This recent event is a devastating blow for our region, but it will only bring this community closer together, and I hope each and every one of you will not be disheartened by this event but in fact encouraged to continue living your lives in the spirit of Sara.

“The school motto should be embodied in every aspect of each of your lives. As Minister Bishop has explained life is not without obstacles and battles but if you believe that you can do something, you can. Don’t ever let anyone else define what you can and can’t do.”

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