NRL and AFL players will champion apprentices and trainees in Bonner this week when they team up with the Australian Government for National Skills Week.

Mr Vasta said the week, which runs from 29 August to 4 September, showcases the vital contribution vocational education and training (VET) makes to the community.

Fifteen past and present NRL stars have shared videos of their stories as graduates of the VET system to promote the trades.

“These football heroes have inspiring stories to tell school leavers and others looking to gain new skills. They’re great role models for young Australians and they demonstrate how flexible an apprenticeship can be,” Mr Vasta said.

The AFL SportsReady program has also played a role in supporting players through vocational training.

Mr Vasta said that thanks to Kevin Sheedy’s advocacy the Turnbull Government was also able to announce today that AFL SportsReady is coming on board with Australian Apprenticeships Ambassadors.

“Kevin Sheedy co-founded AFL SportsReady more than 20 years ago to help provide employment pathways for AFL players. Last year over 200 players completed a nationally recognised VET qualification through AFL SportsReady. With AFL SportsReady supporting Australian Apprenticeships Ambassadors, we’ll have even more stories to tell to inspire young men and women out there to learn what an apprenticeship or a traineeship can offer,” Mr Vasta said.

“Last year more than 4.5 million Australians participated in VET to get skills for a job.”

“National Skills Week celebrates the significance and strength of our VET system because a strong, diverse VET system is critical for a prosperous future for Australia. That’s why the Turnbull Government has committed around $7 billion to the sector in 2016-17,” Mr Vasta said.

Mr Vasta said more than 500 events across the country will run during National Skills Week.

“Whether it’s an inspirational football player or learning about a skill you need to pursue your goals, National Skills Week offers plenty of places to go and people to see about making your dream job a reality,” Mr Vasta said.

“The Turnbull Government has initiatives to support people pursuing training in vocational, skills or trade fields and I’d encourage anyone thinking about getting trade to go along to a National Skills Week activity to see how they can achieve their goals.”

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