Today I’d like to talk about some outstanding small capital projects in Bonner. I’ve been proud to support these projects through the Stronger Communities Programme.

The fantastic thing about Stronger Communities is how it makes local communities a priority. Wayne Cameron from B4C, a local environmental group that’s received funding for a vital revegetation project, put it well to me. He said the project has many social as well as environmental benefits. Their newly funded project will help get more locals involved in the group and help build a shared love of the environment.

Stronger Communities has also helped support other activity groups that are a cornerstone of Bonner. Karen Dixon, President of Wynnum and District Horse and Pony Club, says they’re now able to go ahead with lighting and electrical upgrades that will boost safety for over 1,000 people who use their facilities each year.

Jim and Sue Horton from Mt Gravatt Lapidary Club tell me they’re now finally able to upgrade equipment that’s between 20 to 40 years old. This will help the club be more energy and cost-efficient, saving them money in the long run, and helping bring in more members.

I’d like to thank the members of my Stronger Communities Committee. They recently met to decide which submitted projects in Round 2 would go onto the next stage of the selection process, and I’m grateful for their time and assistance. I very much look forward to delivering more upgrades to our community.

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