CCTV Cameras in Minnippi Parklands

I rise today to update the House on plans to install closed-circuit TV cameras at Minnippi Parklands in my electorate of Bonner. Minnippi Parklands form an iconic green space in the centre of Bonner that thousands of my constituents access regularly.

The park includes a variety of amenities, and many community groups, such as the Tingalpa Model Aero Club, also use the grounds as a meeting place. To ensure the safety and the ongoing popularity of the park, CCTV cameras will be installed on site throughout the park. Queensland police have identified a need for CCTV cameras and have recognised that cameras are an efficient means of criminal deterrence.

Construction and maintenance arrangements are now being finalised, with the construction to proceed very soon. I would like to say a big thank you to the Tingalpa Model Aero Club for their assistance, as well as to the Brisbane City Council and, in particular, my good friends Councillor Schrinner and Councillor Murphy for the support that they have provided for me in the rollout of this plan. I commend the construction to the House.

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