Young people involved in Green Army teams in Bonner are seeing the results of their hard work come to fruition after completing their on-ground projects.

“Minnippi Parklands, Wynnum North and Mansfield have seen significant benefits from this project through each team’s work restoring local habitat and undertaking activities including brush cutting, weed control and seed planting,” Mr Vasta said.

“During the past six months, Green Army participants have made a significant contribution and through their dedication and teamwork, we can see firsthand the tangible results of their activities.”

“These participants have not only generated real environment and conservation benefits for our community, but they have gained valuable practical training and experience to help them prepare for the workforce, pursue further training or improve their career opportunities.”

As the Green Army grows, so too, do the opportunities for young people around Australia to get involved.

“I encourage all those interested in helping their environment and gaining new skills and training to seek out Green Army opportunities in their region,” Mr Vasta said.

Further opportunities to join a Green Army project can be found online at

The Green Army is a key Government commitment with $525 million budgeted over four years.

The Programme encourages practical, hands on action to support local environment and conservation projects across Australia, providing training to 15,000 young Australians by 2018.

Further information on the Green Army is available at

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