Federal Member for Bonner, Ross Vasta, has welcomed the release of the Australian Government’s Energy White Paper, which puts one of our most important economic sectors in the box seat for further growth.

“People in Bonner are more aware of energy issues than ever before,” Mr Vasta said.

“Whether it’s about electricity prices or ensuring our long-term energy security and export growth, the energy sector underpins our lives and our economy.”

“That’s why the Energy White Paper is so important for Australia’s future, because it sets the path for economic growth.”

“Importantly for homes and businesses, the White Paper reaffirms the Government’s commitment to putting downward pressure on electricity prices, by ongoing work with States and Territories on energy market reform.”

Mr Vasta said the White Paper included several measures to reduce pressure on gas prices, the result of increasing demand from international exports which is also providing revenue and jobs.

“The White Paper addresses the issue of access to affordable and reliable energy for all States and Territories, including measures to ensure an open and transparent gas market, which is essential for economic and industry growth,” Mr Vasta said.

“Competition amongst gas suppliers and increasing supply will help ease price pressures. The Australian Government is working with the States and Territories to remove unnecessary barriers to responsibly developing more supply.”

“The White Paper will deliver efficient, transparent markets that support competition and give consumers information to make choices about their energy use.”

“In addition, the National Energy Productivity Plan will promote more efficient buildings, transport, and equipment and appliances, also helping to reduce household and business energy costs.”

“The plan will deliver up to 40 per cent improvement in energy productivity, encouraging economic growth, as well as helping to reduce emissions.”

Mr Vasta said the Energy White Paper would build on other initiatives to reduce pressure on energy prices and increase Australia’s competitiveness as a global energy supplier.

The Energy White Paper is available at

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