Cheaper Health Benefits for Seniors in Bonner- As Promised

In a win for seniors, the Government has delivered a key election commitment giving thousands more self-funded retirees access to cheaper medicine and health benefits.


“Despite repeated attempts by Labor and the Greens to block it, legislation to index income thresholds for the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card has passed Parliament,” Member for Bonner, Ross Vasta, said today.


Mr Vasta said this means up to 27,000 additional people will qualify for the Card over the next four years, on top of the 290,000 current cardholders, which includes 1975 cardholders in Bonner.


“The Government recognises that by looking after their own retirement needs, self-funded retirees save the nation considerable pension costs,” Mr Vasta said.


“The current income thresholds for the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card are $50,000 for singles and $80,000 for couples combined; however, with no indexation since 2001, income thresholds for the Card have not kept pace with living costs.”


“That’s why we took to the election a commitment to index the income thresholds for the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.”


Mr Vasta said seniors and representative organisations had been calling for the change for years, and that the Government had listened – unlike Labor and the Greens.


“This measure fulfills a vital election promise and demonstrates the Government’s ongoing commitment to long-term, meaningful reform for Australian seniors,” Mr Vasta said.


Annual indexation of the income thresholds in line with the Consumer Price Index will begin from 20 September 2014.

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