Green Army to deliver environmental benefits to Bonner

The Abbott Government today reaffirmed its commitment to the Green Army.

“The Green Army is part of the Government’s Economic Action Strategy. It will provide hands-on experience for young people in Bonner as well as protect local environmental sites across Bonner,” the Member for Bonner Ross Vasta said.

“The Government will provide $525 million over 4 years to support grassroots action to meet local environmental challenges,” Mr Vasta said.

 “The Green Army will be Australia’s largest-ever team supporting environmental action across the country, building to 15,000 in number by 2018.”

“Teams will help clean up riverbanks and creek beds, re-vegetate sand dunes and mangroves, manage weeds and invasive pests, and protect local significant heritage sites. Green Army teams will be guided by local community needs and contribute to Bonner’s environmental priorities and obligations.”

“The Green Army will provide opportunities for young people aged 17–24 years across Australia to gain valuable training and experience in environmental and heritage conservation fields and explore careers in conservation management.”

“Green Army participants will be paid an allowance and will help local communities deliver a range of projects for up to six months. Hands-on work experience will be combined with nationally recognised training opportunities to help thousands of young Australians enter the workforce or improve their career opportunities.”

“The Green Army will make a real difference to the environment and local communities through projects that will be carried out across urban, regional and remote Australia on public land, Indigenous-held lands, or private land where there is a clear community and environmental benefit.”

“In coming months, the Government will announce the first of the Green Army projects.”

“This measure will bring the Government’s entire investment in natural resource management to $2 billion over four years from 2014/15,” Mr Vasta said.

Further information about the Green Army is available at: 

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