The Coalition will help retirees by indexing the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, provide $200 million to dementia research and help young apprentices with a HECS-like apprentice loan scheme.

“We have a clear plan to build a stronger economy to provide more jobs and more support to those who need it”, said Ross Vasta, LNP, Member for Bonner.

Ross Vasta said the indexing of the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC) will provide retirees with peace of mind.

 “When I talk to seniors they tell me their number one concern is rising cost of living pressures, particularly the rising costs for healthcare as well as rising utility bills. 

“That is why the Coalition will scrap the carbon tax, keep fortnightly pension and benefit increases, end Labor’s war on private health insurance and index the CSHC.

Ross Vasta said the Coalition will also provide an additional $200 million for dementia research.

“Most families have been impacted by this insidious disease.  Without a medical breakthrough, nearly one million Australians will be suffering from dementia by 2050.

“This is an investment in the future health of every family in Bonner”.

Ross Vasta said new $20,000 Trade Support Loans for apprentices will help young apprentices finish their apprenticeship.

 “We all know that apprentices struggle and that apprenticeship completion rates are far too low.

 “Our Trade Support Loans will be repayable at the same thresholds as FEE-HELP loans for university students, so apprentices do not have to repay any money until they are earning a sustainable income.

“This policy will help lift apprenticeship completion rates, build Australia’s skilled workforce and strengthen the economy.

Ross Vasta said the election is a choice between the Coalition and its Real Solutions Plan to build a stronger Australia or another three years of Labor chaos and confusion.

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