The re-election of the Labor government will mean that Bonner  families and small businesses will continue to pay the carbon tax.

 Ross Vasta MP for Bonner said the pre-election announcement by Labor that it proposes to change the carbon tax was just a con.

 “It doesn’t matter if you change the name, or turn the fixed price into a floating price – it is still a carbon tax.

 “There will still be a tax on electricity and gas bills – and that doesn’t change.

 “It’s a different name, same pain.

 Ross Vasta said local people will be wary of another Labor leader promising “there will be no carbon tax under the government I lead”.

 “We have to look at Mr Rudd’s record: He voted for the carbon tax and just two weeks ago increased the carbon tax.

 “According to Treasury’s own figures, a floating carbon tax will still increase, reaching $38 a tonne by 2019 and continues to go up to $350 over the coming decades.

 “And if Labor is re-elected, they have legislated to expand the carbon tax by putting it on diesel fuel for heavy trucks on 1 July next year – which means higher transportation costs and pressure on prices.

 Ross Vasta said only the Coalition offers Bonner families and businesses the certainty of no carbon tax.

 “Only the Coalition has consistently pledged to abolish the carbon tax and only the Coalition can be trusted to do it. 

The Coalition’s promise to completely scrap the carbon tax means that families will save 10 per cent on their power bills. It will also give immediate relief for local businesses, which means more money to invest in jobs and higher wages.”



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