The Coalition will help Bonner families, households, retirees and pensioners get ahead and plan their futures with confidence by scrapping the carbon tax as well as ensuring that tax cuts and fortnightly pension and benefit increases are kept.

Ross Vasta, Member for Bonner said the announcement by Tony Abbott that the Coalition will keep income tax cuts and fortnightly pension and benefit increases without a carbon tax is good news for Bonner families.

“We can keep tax cuts and pension and benefit increases without a carbon tax, because we’ve made the responsible savings and have a strong plan for managing Australia’s Budget.

“We’ve ensured this promise is fully paid for so we don’t add pressures to Labor’s debt and deficits and at the same time, we’ve helped families, pensioners and small businesses by removing the cost of the carbon tax from power bills and rising prices.

“We’ll also ensure households get the full benefit of the abolition of the carbon tax by requiring the ACCC to make sure companies do the right thing.

Ross Vasta said that since the election of the Rudd/Gillard Government average electricity prices had risen by 94% and gas prices by 62%.

“When I talk with people at shopping centres and sporting fields they tell me they are under pressure. 

Ross Vasta said removing the carbon tax will help household budgets, improve the competitive position of Australian businesses and make Australian jobs more secure. 

“We cannot undo all of the damage of Labor’s economic vandalism overnight but you know we can and will do it, because we’ve done it before and we’ve done the hard work on our Plan to do it again.

“Everything we do is about building a stronger economy.  A stronger economy is the key to almost everything we wish for as a nation: it means more jobs, higher wages, greater government revenue, better services and, ultimately, stronger and more cohesive communities.  


Ross Vasta said the coming election will provide electors in Bonner with a stark choice: between three more years of broken promises, nasty surprises and weak excuses from Labor, or the experienced Coalition team with a Plan to build a strong, prosperous economy and a safe, secure Australia.

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