Coalition NBN will deliver residents with more affordable fast broadband

Bonner residents and businesses will benefit from the Coalition’s plan to build a more affordable NBN and deliver it sooner than Labor’s NBN said Ross Vasta Member for Bonner.


“When it comes to fast broadband, Labor has promised big but hasn’t delivered”, said Ross Vasta.


“Kevin Rudd promised everyone Australian fast broadband by 2013 at a cost of $4.7 billion.  Instead, the NBN has only signed up 10,400 users for its fibre network and the final cost is expected to be over $90 billion”.


“Families, small businesses, schools and hospitals need fast broadband now and not sometime after 2021 which will happen under Labor’s plan.


“Our plan will deliver the NBN sooner, at less cost to taxpayers and more affordably for consumers. 


“We’ll get the NBN back on track.


The Coalition’s Plan for Fast Broadband and an Affordable NBN will:

·Ensure households and businesses can get access to fast broadband by  the end of 2016 – with download speeds five times today’s average.

·End the delays and cost overruns and get the NBN back on track through better management, greater transparency and tighter controls.

·Give priority to regions and suburbs with the poorest existing service in the rollout.

·Deliver a more affordable NBN than Labor –saving consumers about $300 a year by 2021.

·Deliver a smarter NBN that uses a mix of technologies.  Our plan will cost less and make the NBN more economically viable.

·Lesson the strain on taxpayers who could be expected to bear the burden of Labor’s delayed and mismanaged $90 billion plus NBN.

“Our Shadow Minister for Communications, Malcolm Turnbull was one of our country’s great internet pioneers and he will ensure that local communities get the fast, affordable broadband that is so needed in the 21st century.


Ross Vasta said he was looking forward to speaking to Bonner residents and businesses  about our Real Solutions Plan to deliver them fast and more affordable broadband, much sooner than Labor’s NBN.


A full copy of the Coalition’s NBN Policy is available at

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