International Women’s Day

This Friday marks the 102nd anniversary of International Women’s Day.

“IWD is celebrated globally every year on 8 March, and recognises the economic and social achievements of women past and present and looking to the future to see where progress can still be made”, Ross Vasta said today. 

“We are fortunate in Australia to have so many high achieving women who have made significant contributions in numerous fields from public life to science, the arts, sport, government and politics and who have helped shape this once fledgling nation into the sophisticated country we live in today”, Ross Vasta said.

“IWD is a reminder to all Australians that we need to continue to work together to ensure that globally the contribution of women to our society is properly valued and appreciated. We must also remember, however, that whilst International Women’s Day is a time for women to celebrate the progress they have made, we must continue to be cognisant of those areas of women’s lives where more can still be done.”

“The United Nations has themed this year’s IWD with a focus on the elimination and prevention of all forms of violence against women and girls, something the Coalition has long supported”, Ross Vasta said.

Violence undermines our social fabric and prevents women from achieving social and economic equality and advancement. Domestic violence and sexual assault perpetrated against women costs the nation more than $13 billion each year. By 2021 the figure is likely to rise to $15.6 billion if steps are not taken to reduce it.

“The Coalition takes a zero tolerance approach to violence against women. We believe that keeping women and their families safe from violence is the most fundamental step towards ensuring their security and prosperity. We understand that violence against women has a profound and devastating impact on its victims and on the community”,  Ross Vasta said.

“The Coalition’s policies focus on delivering greater personal safety to all Australian women. We will ensure that domestic violence is tackled and does not become intergenerational.  Australia simply cannot afford the societal and economic costs of failing to redress the current rate of violence against women”.

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