Australia Day: A Day To Count Our Blessings

Ross Vasta, Member for Bonner said Australia Day is a day to count our blessings and to reflect on our achievements as a nation.


“I love Australia Day.  The citizenship ceremonies, community celebrations and backyard BBQs make it one of the best days of the year”, said Ross Vasta


“It’s a day when we can be thankful about our past and hopeful about our future.  My goal this year is to work to deliver the hope, reward and opportunity that all Australians deserve.”


Ross Vasta said the recent bushfires were a reminder that we are at our best as a community when we look out for each other.


“Australia is always at its best when we share our successes, and support and encourage each other as Australians. 


“All of our community organisations from our sporting clubs and environmental groups to our emergency services volunteers, are reminders of everything good about our country and its people.”


Ross Vasta said his hope for Australia on this Australia Day is for even better Australia Days in the years ahead.


“We can always build a better Australia.  I want to help build an Australia that is strong and prosperous and safe and secure.


“Happy Australia Day Bonner”.

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