Over 22,000 Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel, including those living in the electorate of Bonner recently learnt they would be able to travel home to see their families at Christmas after the Labor Government was forced to backflip on its mean-spirited cut to their travel entitlements.


Member for Bonner, Ross Vasta, said this was a win for positive policy making and a win for what is right and just.


‘I am elated that 22,000 single ADF members aged 21 and over will have their entitlement to travel home to see their families reinstated,’ Ross Vasta said.


‘This will ensure military personnel in the electorate of Bonner will not be forced to make dangerous cross country trips in their cars to see their families.’


‘Likewise, the many mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters of Defence personnel who live in the electorate of Bonner can breathe a little easier knowing their loved ones will get home faster and safer.’


Ross Vasta said he was disappointed that it took a certain defeat on the floor of the Parliament for the Gillard Labor Government to wake up to the fact that it was unfairly disadvantaging 22,000 ADF personnel.


‘This decision represents a stunning backflip by the Labor Government,’ Ross Vasta said.


‘It was not compassion that changed Labor’s mind; it was forced to make this embarrassing backflip by the certain promise of political defeat.’


Ross Vasta thanked all those in the electorate of Bonner and right around Australia who rallied behind Australia’s military personnel and acknowledged the hard work of those who secured some 15,000 signatures in support of the troops.


‘Support from the community and those who rallied around this just and right cause is to be applauded and I thank all those who flew the flag on behalf of our troops,’ Ross Vasta said.


‘Because of the Coalition’s and public’s support, 22,000 men and women from all three services will now be able to travel to see their loved ones and even have enough time to organise their trips home for Christmas.’


‘ADF personnel have been spared the cost of Labor’s reckless spending and you can be sure the Coalition will continue to fight for the preservation of ADF conditions of service.’

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