Budget Reply 2012 – Restoring Hope, Reward and Opportunity

Ross Vasta, Federal Member for Bonner said Budget week has demonstrated that the Coalition offers a very clear economic plan for Bonner and the people of Australia.


“The Coalition has demonstrated it has a strong plan for economic growth; and the plan starts with abolishing the carbon tax”, said Ross Vasta.


“Abolishing the carbon tax will be the swiftest contribution government can make to relieving cost of living pressures on Australian families.


“Strong economic growth will be the over-riding aim of the next Coalition government.


Ross Vasta said in contrast with Julia Gillard’s class war rhetoric, the Coalition was offering a clear plan to tackle the rising cost of living.


“Abolishing the carbon tax will take the pressure off power prices, gas prices and rates; it will prevent more pressure on transport prices.


“Only with a growing economy is it possible to have lower taxes, better services and a stronger budget bottom line as Australians discovered during the Howard era.


Ross Vasta said that under a Coalition government, there will also be tax cuts without a carbon tax because we’ll find the savings to pay for them.


“We will ensure Australia has a vigorous five pillar economy – strong manufacturing, vibrant agriculture, growing knowledge-based industries and a resilient services sector as well as a mining industry.


“From an economic perspective, the worst aspect of this year’s budget is that there is no plan for economic growth; nothing whatsoever to promote investment or employment.


Ross Vasta said he was also concerned that the government this week sought to increase Australia’s debt ceiling to a record $300 billion – four times higher than it was in 2008. 


“If Wayne Swan really thinks that a surplus can be delivered, as opposed to being merely forecast, why is it proposing to add a further $50 billion to the Commonwealth’s debt ceiling?

 Ross Vasta said Budget week demonstrated that it is only the Coalition that has the plan to restore hope, reward and opportunity for all the people of Bonner and all Australians.

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