90 SECONDS: Financial Literacy in Schools

I’m excited to update the House on the progress of my motion to make financial literacy a compulsory part of the national curriculum.

Since I introduced this motion, I have had an incredible amount of positive feedback from my electorate of Bonner.

Mums, dads, schoolteachers, principals, accountants, business owners and local school students have said to me that not only is financial literacy in schools a good idea but it must become compulsory.

Local mum Helen told me that, if financial literacy was compulsory when she attended school, she believes that it would have given her the skills to make better financial decisions to help her family get ahead, helped to reduce financial stress and even potentially reduced fights about finances in her home.

I also heard from Bonner local school student Jake, who told me that personal finances are not spoken about in his house.

Jake said that he wished that financial literacy was already compulsory in schools so he would be confident in how to manage his money as he enters the workforce.

It is our responsibility to ensure that the next generation is equipped with the skills that they need to be confident in making smart financial decisions so that they can get ahead.

I look forward to my next update to the House as I start my Bonner schools financial literacy tour.

To learn more about the motion to make financial literacy compulsory in schools, click here