90 SECONDS: Priceless House

Becoming a mother should be an exciting and joyful time in a woman’s life, but when a woman becomes pregnant without a supportive partner, when facing financial difficulties or without a healthy home environment that joy can quickly turn to fear and dread.

That’s why organisations like Priceless House in my electorate of Bonner are so important.

Located in Mount Gravatt, Priceless House is a beacon of hope for women feeling scared, confused or overwhelmed when confronted with an unexpected pregnancy.

Run by a dedicated team, including 30 volunteers, Priceless House offers free integrated pregnancy support, counselling, mentoring and education to ensure women have the resources they need to make informed decisions.

During my recent visit to Priceless House, the staff shared with me the story of Jess. Jess became pregnant whilst in a relationship.

Unfortunately, her relationship broke down and she was left feeling scared and unsure about her future.

While searching for solutions, Jess came across Priceless House, which she reached out to for support.

Not only did Jess find a safe and welcoming space; she also made lasting friendships.

With guidance and support from Priceless House, Jess felt confident in becoming the mother to a beautiful baby girl, Melody.

I want to say a massive thankyou to the team at Priceless House.