90 SECONDS: Mental Health – You Are Not Alone

Thank You Deputy Speaker. I rise today to highlight the incredible mental health initiative You Are Not Alone.

Established at the end of last year, You Are Not Alone was born out of the passion and determination of Bonner constituent and year 12 Villanova College student Tom Price.

Tom, along with a group of his fellow classmates, felt more needed to be done surrounding mental health for students, especially after the challenges of COVID-19.

Instead of waiting for solutions, these inspirational young men took matters into their own hands and founded You Are Not Alone, which aims to help break down the stigma surrounding mental health through meaningful connections and real conversations.

I am happy to say that they are already fast on their way to achieving their goal.

In June of this year, the inaugural You Are Not Alone fun run was held in Brisbane, and I had the pleasure of attending and supporting it.

This event raised over $37,000 for Lifeline Queensland and had over 2,000 participants.

I would like to highlight what an incredible result this is, especially when considering many of the people behind this fun run are currently completing year 12.

Massive congratulations to Tom and the team from You Are Not Alone.

I look forward to sharing their future successes with the House.