Drive to survive and thrive this festive season

As COVID-19 restrictions ease and Australians’ minds turn to long-awaited travel over the upcoming festive season, the Australian Government is urging people in Bonner to drive safely.

Federal Member for Bonner Ross Vasta MP said the best holidays are those where everyone stays safe and well, and that means taking road safety seriously at all times.

“These holidays are a great opportunity for everyone to take a well-deserved break off the back of another tough year, to reconnect with family and friends, and spend quality time together,” Mr Vasta said.

“With border restrictions only recently easing, this means we expect more people to be on our roads than we’ve seen for a while, especially those embarking on long journeys or even going interstate. It means more children, pedestrians and cyclists on or near our roads, especially at holiday destinations. That makes it even more vital for us all to take road safety and our role in promoting it seriously.

“Devastatingly, this year there has been over 250 casualties on Queensland roads. I recently caught up with Carina Police Station Senior Seargent Brendan Jorgensen to get his advice for how we can all stay safe on the roads this festive season.

“Brendan is strongly advising all drivers to take their time, make sure their car is fit for purpose, leave early to avoid being rushed and to not use or be distracted by their mobile phone.”

The Australian Government is determined to do what it can to help improve road safety and drive down the number of people who die or are seriously injured on our roads.

Across Bonner, the Morrison Government is delivering new and better roads to get residents home sooner and safer:

  • Upgrading the M1 between Eight Mile Plains and Daisy Hill – $510 million.
  • Fixing the Rochedale Road roundabout – $14 million.
  • Delivering the Brisbane Metro depot, including four stations locally – $300 million.
  • Upgrading the Newnham Road and Wecker Road intersection – $12 million.
  • Fixing Lindum Crossing – making it safer – $85 million.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development Barnaby Joyce said these holidays are the first chance for many Australians to reconnect with loved ones, friends and even their homes, and it’s on all of us to promote road safety to ensure no one is missing at those reunions.

“One injury, one death is one too many – no family should have to endure the loss of a loved one on our roads,” the Deputy Prime Minister said.

“Our Government is also playing a vital role in road safety, with record funding flowing through initiatives such as our $3 billion Road Safety Program to deliver the safe and efficient road infrastructure Australians need and deserve.

Assistant Minister for Road Safety and Freight Transport Scott Buchholz said the most important thing these holidays is everyone arriving and returning safely at the end of each trip.

“Whether it’s a short trip to the local beach, an interstate roady to one of our sunny coasts, or one of our truckies pulling a long haul to deliver last-minute presents or fresh produce for Christmas lunches, each trip matters and every one of us deserves to make it back safe and sound,” Assistant Minister Buchholz said.

“That’s why our Government continues to ramp up its road safety commitments, as part of our broader ambition to achieve Vision Zero – that is no road deaths or injuries occurring on Australian roads by 2050.”

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